Sen. Kennedy’s lambasting of JBE’s criminal justice reform package reinforces his predecessor Vitter’s bold predictions days before the election for Governor.

U. S. Sen. John Kennedy


U. S. Sen. John Kennedy certainly didn’t mince his words in describing his total lack of confidence entailing Louisiana’s Department of Corrections’ ability to implement Gov. Edwards’ criminal justice reform initiative:


Sen. Kennedy lambasts Gov. Edwards’ criminal justice reform legislative initiative.
Support links for Kennedy’s itemizations:
1.  No bid on $6.3 million prison project benefiting LeBlanc’s niece’s husband.
2. Violent criminals released to play music at nursing homes.
3.  Nepotism, theft, fraud entailing prison wardens, associates.
4.  “Edmonson Amendment” for $55K pension boost.
5.  LSP infamous San Diego trip via Las Vegas.
6.   $247K compensation for one LSP Trooper alleged to engage in massive payroll fraud.


One can only imagine Kennedy’s predecessor, David Vitter, must be licking his chops and saying, “I told you so.”


Days before the runoff election, then-Republican U. S. Sen. David Vitter, whom Kennedy would succeed,
engages in a dialogue with controversial activist Gary Chambers wherein neither bites his tongue.
Note:  Then-candidate John Bel Edwards opted to skip the Southern University forum (for which Chambers
expressed frustration before the above exchange) instead opting for a trial-lawyer fundraiser for him conveniently scheduled for the same time.


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