Notwithstanding alleged referencing of black arrestee as a “stupid motherfucker” and a “dumb bitch,” Louisiana State Trooper George Harper now all set to enjoy one of those “extended taxpayer-funded vacations.”

Louisiana State Police Troopers Dakota DeMoss (left) and George Harper (right).

Mainly because of the foul language allegedly uttered by Louisiana State Police Trooper George Harper when making an arrest of a black Mississippi man together with subsequent texts between him and three other troopers reveling in that same arrest and subsequent jailing of the arrestee, our feature of three of those troopers successfully obtaining a temporary restraining order to block any investigation of their actions ultimately gained international attention.

One of those three troopers, Randall Dickerson, resigned effective March 28, 2021.  The two other troopers who successfully obtained the temporary restraining order, which was subsequently dissolved, Dakota DeMoss and George Harper, sought action by the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC) on Thursday, April 8, 2021.  Specifically, they requested to be permitted to exhaust all of their compensatory time, time-and-a-half compensatory time, annual leave, and their remaining 400 hours of administrative leave, which is scheduled to expire on or about April 12, 2021, prior to being placed on leave without pay as their criminal investigations continue.

Before we take a look at the video of the two troopers’ request at the meeting, however, let’s first again review the foulmouthed language of Trooper George Harper and the texts of revelry sent by him and three other troopers to include Jacob Brown, son of former LSP Chief of Staff Robert Brown.  Jacob Brown was himself the subject of numerous allegations of excessive force during arrests (and falsifying documents pertaining to those arrests), and he resigned from LSP about a month ago.  Here are those texts and Harper’s arrest commentary:

The troopers then escorted Harris to one of their marked police vehicles. As they placed Harris in the back seat, Tpr. Harper threatened him by saying, “stupid motherfucker, I hope you act up when we get to the fucking jail. I am going to punish you, dumb bitch. What the fuck is wrong with you, stupid motherfucker. ”

It should be noted that the system sends the messages out in a similar fashion as group messages on a cellular phone. When a message is sent out, it went out to each of the four troopers simultaneously.

Jacob Brown “How was his attitude at the jail?”

George Harper “Complete silence”

Jacob Brown “Lmao”

Dakota DeMoss “lol he was still digesting that ass whoop in”

Jacob Brown “its gonna take him a couple days … ”

Jacob Brown “he gonna be sore tomorrow for sure”

Jacob Brown “BET he wont run from a full grown bear again”

Dakota DeMoss “Bet he don’t even cross into LA anymore”

George Harper “GRIZZLY Nah he gonna spread the word that’s for damn sure”

Jacob Brown “lmao”

Dakota DeMoss “he’s gonna have nightmares for a long time”

Jacob Brown “lmao…..warms my heart knowing we could educate that young man”

Dakota DeMoss “lolol”

Larry Shappley “haha”

With that background, let’s now take a look at the LSPC’s consideration of the “extended taxpayer-funded vacation” as characterized by Ms. Belinda Parker-Brown, founder of Louisiana United International, and who attended today’s LSPC meeting and chose to make public comment on the DeMoss and Harper requests:

LSPC consideration of DeMoss and Harper’s requests and public comment by Belinda Parker-Brown entailing those requests.  CLICK HERE for the material Brown references regarding police liability insurance.

After the meeting, we visited with Belinda Parker-Brown along with her husband, Carl, and here is video of some further observations they had entailing the meeting, the Louisiana State Trooper’s Association, and the Louisiana State Police Commission:

Belinda Parker-Brown, along with her husband, Carl, provide some commentary to Sound Off Louisiana soon after the LSPC meeting.  CLICK HERE for the video referenced in the video above entailing LSP Col. Lamar Davis stating that people are obtaining the impression that “police officers are being treated special.”

No sooner had we wrapped up the preceding video did Dr. Oscar Omar Dantzler show up on the scene with a few thoughts of his own, so let’s take a look at just what he had to say on the recent arrests of numerous LSP troopers for alleged excessive force being used during recent arrests:

Dr. Oscar Omar Dantzler provides his thoughts on recent arrests of LSP troopers for alleged use of excessive force during arrests that those troopers made.

CLICK HERE for WBRZ (Channel 2 in Baton Rouge) Investigative Reporter Chris Nakamoto’s news feature on Harper and DeMoss.

CLICK HERE for the LSPC meeting of April 8, 2021 in its entirety.

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Citing “lack of jurisdiction,” U. S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals dismisses dentist Ryan Haygood’s appeal of $115,000 in attorney fees and taxes him with court costs of Dental Board-affiliated defendants.

Dr. C. Ryan Haygood (center of table) makes a point to then-Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Dan Martiny during his testimony of alleged Louisiana Dental Board corruption on April 4, 2018.

About once a week, we take a peek at the features being viewed by casual visitors to our blog.  Typically, the referrers to those posts are search engines, with Google being the most prominent of those search engines.  It seems virtually every day that goes by, multiple Google queries are made for “Ryan Haygood” which, in turn, then take the searchers to our extensive feature on Haygood of almost a year ago.  Since we’re nearing the one-year anniversary of that feature, we thought we’d take some time to update everyone on Haygood’s latest courtroom travails.

We launched last year’s feature on Haygood after a reader made observations entailing our pre-Haygood feature.  That feature entailed Shelly Sebastian’s civil service appeal blowing up in her face, which further demonstrates the incredible inefficiencies and outdated treatment afforded to Louisiana Civil Service employees who would be fired in a nanosecond were they employed in the private sector.

One reader of that feature, “Bob,” opted to make a little constructive criticism of it.  Specifically, “Bob” assessed Sound Off Louisiana‘s Burns as, “the worst writer on the planet.”  “Bob” then admonished Burns to, “work on your headlines,” in stating that, “they suck.”  “Bob” then further admonished Burns to, “write stories that people actually care about.”

If “Bob” continues to follow our blog, we hope he’s a tad more impressed than he was a year ago given that we got very strong interest in our breaking of this Ronald Greene feature and also this feature of some foulmouthed Louisiana State Troopers bragging of an “ass ‘whoppin” they’d previously administered during an arrest.  Since both those features garnered international attention, we hope “Bob” feels we’ve heeded his advice and have published features that more people “actually care about.”

At any rate, as long-time subscribers may recall, we did in fact immediately heed “Bob’s” admonition and polled a few of our most loyal subscribers and, as we mentioned on the Haygood-linked feature above, they indicated it had been a while since we’d done a feature on Haygood.  Accordingly, we published the major feature linked above to exhaustively cover Haygood from the day he graduated from Dental School until the date of our feature in early April of 2020.

For this feature, since newcomers to our blog may not wish to take the time to read the entirety of our feature of a year ago and thereby engage in what we readily admit to being a very, very deep dive into Haygood’s travails entailing the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry, and based on the encouraging feedback we received on our recent bullet-point comprehensive coverage of former Louisiana State Police Commissioner Calvin Braxton’s travails, we’re going to deploy the same format for Haygood.  Here’s a table for Haygood with bullet points similar to that produced for Braxton:

Date (Timeframe)Event Transpiring
2000-2005.Graduated from LSU Dentistry School, relocated to North Carolina to work at Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem and then operate a private dental practice in Wake Forest.
December, 2005.Opens dental practice in hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana.
July, 2007.Louisiana State Board of Dentistry (LSBD) launches investigation of Haygood entailing allegations of performing and charging patients for unnecessary dental procedures.
2010.LSBD, based on investigative findings, revokes Haygood's license to practice dentistry in Louisiana.
September, 2012.Citing procedural errors by the LSBD, the Louisiana 4th Circuit Court of Appeals overturns the revocation of Haygood's dental license and remands the case back to the LSBD.
December 14, 2012.Louisiana State Supreme Court denies LSBD's appeal writ by a vote of 5-1.
February 13, 2013Haygood files Federal lawsuit against several LSBD members, its investigator, and a couple of hygienists.
Early 2013.Haygood launches website "Dental Board Corruption." Though once open to the public, the site later became private with those wishing access required to request a username and password.
2014.Unhappy with Haygood's blasting of the LSBD, both Haygood and the LSBD agree to a consent agreement permitting him to continue to practice but to refrain from making disparaging remarks about the LSBD, which is likely what led to Haygood's website being closed to the public.
March 16, 2016Haygood's Federal lawsuit is dismisssed
March 14, 2018Defendants named in Haygood's Federal lawsuit file motion to assess their attorney fees against Haygood.
April 4, 2018Haygood makes many derogatory statements about the LSBD in testifying before the Louisiana State Senate Commerce Committee. See small sample of such commentary as the first video beneath this table.
Spring and Summer of 2018.LSBD initiates efforts to discipline Haygood for violating terms of the consent decree by slamming the LSBD at his 4/8/18 Louisiana Senate testimony.
December 18, 2018Then Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Dan Martiny, along with Sen. Fred Mills, draft a scathing letter to the LSBD regarding efforts to pursue Haygood as a result of his testimony. [CLICK HERE for page one of the letter and CHICK HERE for page 2 of the letter.]
December 20, 2018Incoming LSBD President Jerome Smith responds to Martiny and Mills with this letter indicating his plans are to drop any pursuit of Haygood for his 4/8/18 testimony citing an apparent effort by LSBD attorneys to "restrict Haygood's right to free speech."
March 14, 2019Defendants' Motion for Attorney Fees against Haygood is granted.
April 4, 2019Haygood files this motion asking the Federal Court to reconsider its ruling on assessing defendants' attorney fees against him.
May 1, 2019Haygood again testifies before the Louisiana Senate Commerce Committee stating in no uncertain terms that Smith's letter on the 12/20/18 entry above "slandered me," and he further stated the letter was "full of lies." See second video beneath this table.
May 8, 2019Sen. Page Cortez (now President of the Louisiana Senate) slams Haygood's testimony of the prior week, indicating that testimony had "not one fact" to support Haygood's allegations of rampant LSBD corruption. See second video beneath this table.
May 17, 2019Haygood defendants assert to the Federal Court that their attorney fees approximate $115,000.
February 7, 2020Federal Judge issues this ruling denying Haygood's motion to reconsider assessing defendants' legal fees against him.
February 28, 2020Haygood files notice of appeal of ruling on attorney fees to Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal.
September 4, 2020Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal issues this ruling dismissing Haygood's appeal of attorney fees citing that the Fifth Circuit lacks jurisdiction because there has yet to be a formal order issued by the Federal Court assessing attorney fees against Haygood and specifying the amount of fees assessed against Haygood in such an order.

Regarding the above table, here’s the first video referenced:

April 4, 2018 Senate testimony by Haygood alleging he was targeted by competing dentists to shut his dental practice down.
[Note:  The linked litigation above was filed in Federal Court in the Western District of Louisiana on February 13, 2013.
That litigation is largely a regurgitation of litigation filed in the 1st JDC in Louisiana state court on September 26, 2011 with additional defendants
added and allegations of violations of Federal Constitutional Rights, most notably Title 42, Section 1983.]

And here is the second video referenced:

May 8, 2019 Senate Commerce Committee hearing at which Sen. Cortez admonishes Sen. John Milkovich not to declare folk guilty who have not been convicted of crimes.  He also expressed his concerns at Haygood’s disparaging testimony the week before entailing the Smith letter, which Haygood asserted “slandered” him and was “full of lies.”  Meanwhile, Haygood had to be defended in absentia by Milkovich, who emphasized that Haygood had incurred “hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees” fighting what he perceives as “LSBD corruption.”

So, there’s the latest on Shreveport dentist Dr. C. Ryan Haygood.  Since there is no evidence that attorneys for defendants in his Federal litigation have gotten around to drafting a final order to award their attorney fees against Haygood, we can’t speak for them, but we believe we’d be asking, “What’s the holdup?”

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Citing “sneak a smooch” email, contractor Billy Broussard implores Attorney General Jeff Landry to remove Lake Charles Attorney Russell J. “Rusty” Stutes, Jr. from any of his legal matters.

Russell J. Stutes, Jr., a Lake Charles attorney and alleged sender of an April 23, 2015 email openly posing the potential for an underling in his office, Kim Bienvenu, to “sneak a smooch” from contractor Billy Broussard on his next-day visit to drop off a cashiers check.

Contractor Billy Broussard recently contacted us and spoke at length regarding this Advocate article wherein Attorney General Jeff Landry, who is Broussard’s cousin and served as his legal counsel regarding debris removal in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, was the focus of attention regarding the handling of alleged sexual harassment transpiring in Landry’s office.  Broussard was particularly stunned at the apparent plans the article references that Landry and Pat McGee, Landry’s former hand-picked head of the Attorney General’s Criminal Division, to excuse McGee’s alleged sexual harassment as “merely joking around.”

Broussard sought an opportunity to appear on Sound Off Louisiana to call upon Landry who, along with co-counsel Robin Sylvester, flopped badly representing Broussard in District Count in Calcasieu Parish, to order the removal of Lake Charles attorney Russell J. “Rusty” Stutes, Jr. from any matter entailing Broussard.  Broussard seeks for Landry to have Stutes removed from matters entailing Broussard as a result him firing off  this April 23, 2015 email to an underling in his office, Kim Bienvenu, wherein Stutes suggests that she may be able to “sneak a smooch” from Broussard in the law office’s conference room the next day as Broussard comes to the office to deliver a check.  From the email:

From: Billy Broussard billy@billybroussard.corn
Subject: Re: Judgment
Date: April 24, 2015 at 1 :31 PM
I read your email from Rusty last night… What the heck is he talking about????

Sent from my ipad

On Apr 23, 2015, at 2:42 PM, “Russell J. Stutes, Jr.”
> wrote:

I assume you will be taking care of this and getting the check. Maybe you can sneak a smooch from him in the conference room.

—– Original Message —–
From: Billy Broussard []
Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2015 2:12 PM
To: Kim Bienvenu; Russell J. Stutes, Jr.; Laura Landry
Subject: Re: Judgment

I am planning on being in Lake Charles after lunch tomorrow can I come into your office so I can bring the cashiers check and get some sort of receipt?

Let’s take a few minutes to listen in on Broussard’s rationale for why he strongly believes Stutes should be removed from any legal matters entailing him as a result of the sending of that email on April 23, 2015:

Broussard engages in a Sound Off feature with founder Robert Burns on Thursday, March 25, 2021 entailing his thoughts on Stutes’ sending of that email and why he feels Attorney General Jeff Landry should insist upon the removal of Stutes from any legal matter pertaining to Broussard.

As Burns mentioned in the video above, on the very first Broussard Sound Off Louisiana feature, Burns was largely unfamiliar with Broussard’s whole plight.  That was a tad over four years ago.  As Burns states in the video above, he now likely could obtain a PhD on the “Billy Broussard Indian Bayou fiasco.”  That fact results from Broussard being the single most featured individual we’ve covered since Sound Off Louisiana‘s inception .  The bottom line is that, as Burns states on the video above, Broussard was “screwed, glued, and tattooed” out of over $1 million in debris removal reimbursement in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita.  Broussard hired then-private-citizen attorney Jeff Landry to represent him in legal efforts to obtain reimbursement.

In the early days of Burns’ extensive efforts to delve into Broussard’s plight, he discussed the matter with a very prominent Baton Rouge attorney whom we’re not going to name.  Burns suggested that perhaps this particular area of practice (i.e. contractor legal issues) may not have been Landry’s forte.  Burns then suggested to that attorney that, “It just may have been that Jeff Landry found himself in over his head.”  The attorney’s immediate response are words we’ll never forget!  He stated:  “Robert, Jeff Landry would be in over his head in small claims court!”

As Burns mentioned in the video above, mainly for the benefit of our newer subscribers, we’re now going to provide hyperlinks for the entire list of Broussard features in chronological order.  Subscribers and casual visitors are welcome to read/view as many or as few as desired.  They collectively tell an absolutely incredible story:

February 27, 2017:  Drainage Board legal counsel Rusty Stutes threatens to “report your fraud to the FBI” if Broussard does not back off making public records requests.

March 8, 2017:  14th JDC Judge David Ritchie advises Broussard to “choose your attorney carefully” rather than utilizing an attorney like Jeff Landry. [Sidebar:  In our opinion, demonstrating that sort of rank prejudicial commentary made by a state district judge regarding an attorney appearing before him, especially when uttered in open court (see bottom of second page here) ought to be grounds for the whole case to have been reheard by a different judge]!

May 1, 2018:  Former Calcasieu Parish DA John DeRosier testifies that, if Louisiana’s 10-person jury rule is “a vestige of slavery,” then, “it is what it is.” (Note:  The vast majority of this post focuses on Broussard and all of the extensive efforts to block any form of investigation into just what transpired entailing his cleanup operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita).

February 7, 2019:  Broussard conducts meeting with Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera’s officials during which Jeffrey Jones FALSELY portrays himself as a FEMA employee when he is not!

February 10, 2019:  At that same Legislative Auditor’s meeting, Broussard stuns everyone in attendance by playing an audio tape of former GOHSEP Deputy Director Mark DeBosier stating (regarding the Legislative Auditor’s Office):  “They’ll just close their eyes, stick their fingers in their ears, and we make sure there’s no fingerprints on it.”

February 13, 2019:  Citing “crooked judges” as a factor, Broussard attorney Robin Sylvester terminates her representation of him.

March 7, 2019:  Frustrated with Sylvester’s sudden termination of her representation of Broussard, he sends her a certified letter demanding that she provide the name of her malpractice insurance carrier.

March 14, 2019:  When Sylvester would not provide her malpractice insurance carrier, Broussard filed an extensive complaint with the Louisiana Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

April 1, 2019:  Broussard is tersely denied a request for an agenda item to appear on the next Drainage Board public meeting.

November 11, 2019:  Former Calcasieu Parish DA John DeRosier was the focus of a major investigative feature outlining his office’s very obvious money-laundering operations entailing retail gift cards.  [Note:  The Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office has since stated that DeRoiser may have broken the law with his gift card program.]

December 5, 2019:  Broussard provides extensive rebuttal evidence to Sylvester’s response to his ODC complaint via yet more damning secret recordings of Sylvester when she was Broussard’s attorney.

March 24, 2020:  Contractor Billy Broussard uses Moon Griffon show to express dire need to insist upon accountability for Louisiana’s share of upcoming $1 trillion – $2 trillion in Corona Virus aid.

May 18, 2020:  In assessing Calcasieu Parish DA race to replace DeRosier, contractor Billy Broussard offers alternate take on Sen. Cortez’s emphasis on “innocent until proven guilty” entailing testimony of Shreveport dentist Ryan Haygood.

May 27, 2020:  Contractor Billy Broussard sounds off entailing AG Jeff Landry as he appeals ODC’s decision to drop complaint against attorney Robin Sylvester.

Broussard reiterated to us again once the video feature above concluded that, “I know exactly what happened here, and I am determined to clear my name!”  We don’t think anyone can question his resolve in that regard!

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