19th JDC Judge Moore denies State Police Commission’s efforts to toss St. Tammany Parish residents’ lawsuit asserting open meeting violation.

St. Tammany Parish residents prepare to discuss their courtroom victory in 19th JDC before Judge Richard “Chip” Moore at which the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC) failed in its efforts to have the lawsuit filed against the Members of the Commission tossed entailing an alleged open meetings violation.

When we published yesterday’s feature on St. George, at the end of the feature, we mentioned the fact that the litigation regarding the LSPC’s Peremptory Exception of No Cause of Action would be heard today (Monday, June 17, 2024) before 19th JDC Judge Richard “Chip” Moore.  From yesterday’s feature:

Tomorrow (Monday, June 17, 2024) morning, we will be in court for the Defendants’ Peremptory Exception of No Cause of Action on the St. Tammany Parish citizens’ lawsuit against the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC).

Those residents contend that the Commission engaged in an “electronic meeting” in violation of Louisiana’s Open Meetings Laws.

They have also called upon Gov. Jeff Landry to seek Defendant LSPC Members’ resignations as a result of alleged violations of Louisiana’s Constitution, their Oaths of Office, and LSPC Rules.

On Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 2:32 p.m., we reached out to Gov. Landry’s office for comment on those citizens’ call for action on his part.  Since their litigation also says the letter the LSPC mailed out gave the “unmistakable impression” that Gov. Jeff Landry opposed the candidacy of Collin Sims for District Attorney in St. Tammany Parish, we asked Gov. Landry point-blank if he in fact did oppose Sims’ candidacy.

Quite frankly, we expected a reply back from Landry’s Office emphatically denying any such proclivity on Landry’s part that he opposed Sims’ candidacy.  Instead, Landry’s Office chose not to respond to our inquiry, which makes us wonder if the Plaintiffs’ contention in their litigation regarding Gov. Jeff Landry and whose side he was on in the St. Tammany Parish District Attorney race may just in fact be accurate.

Whatever the case on Gov. Landry, we’ll report upon how tomorrow’s Court hearing turns out.

At this time, we provide the following video in which the Plaintiffs in that litigation share just how everything went at today’s court hearing:

 6/17/24:  Plaintiffs discuss their win over LSPC during the 19th JDC Court Hearing earlier on that day.

Parker-Brown indicated in the video above that the discovery phase of the litigation will now commence.  She further stated that, just as was asserted in Plaintiffs’ Opposition Memorandum, one of the first items sought will be a Request for Production of Documents.  That request will focus on all emails applicable for any correspondence of the matter of that infamous January 20, 2024 letter from the LSPC Members to the Collin Sims campaign.

We commit that, once we’re provided with access to any such emails, we will make them public via publication to all visitors to this website.  Somehow, we think they just may be quite informative regarding just what all went down in this particular episode.

6 thoughts on “19th JDC Judge Moore denies State Police Commission’s efforts to toss St. Tammany Parish residents’ lawsuit asserting open meeting violation.”

  1. Great job, that’s how you take corrupt officials to the woodshed great job guys keep up the good work keep them on their toes .

  2. Awesome!!! Transparency and Accountability. Reicke needs to resign or Landry needs to remove him! Of purse any others involved as well, but this was politically motivated. Now I wonder if the ethics board will ever give an opinion or response to the complaint made against Judge Zeller receiving illegal funds during the campaign for judge from the Reickes and the complaint filed against JARED Reicke during this previous STP DA campaign!?

    They should request all electronic communication including call logs and texts as well as those are public records also!

    If yall would like to have any of my ideas for request for production of records behind this issue reach out! I’d be happy to share what I think should also be requested!

    Thank yall for doing this.

    1. It seems Riecke has a long list of complaints against his actions. Do they ever get resolved or do they buried and sometimes forgotten? 😉

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