As Rep. Rick Edmonds declares candidacy for Secretary of State, Congressman Garret Graves’ Deputy Campaign Manager David Pearce cautions against complacency entailing his two Democratic opponents.

Louisiana State Rep. Rick Edmonds, R-Baton Rouge

On Thursday, June 28, 2018, the East Baton Rouge Parish Republican Women’s Association hosted State Rep. Rick Edmonds (R-Baton Rouge) for making his formal announcement of his candidacy for Louisiana Secretary of State in the election in November for the remaining term of former Secretary of State Tom Schedler.


Here’s video segments of Edmonds’ presentation as well as a cautionary warning from Congressman Garret Graves’ Deputy Campaign Manager David Pearce entailing Graves’ two Democratic opponents in his quest for re-election:


Pearce issues warning to avoid complacency entailing Graves’ two Democratic opponents.

Pearce also extended an invitation for folk to join Congressman Graves for this week’s Independence Day celebration with him.  That invitation is provided below:



Rep. Edmonds on:



Adoption reform legislation in 2018 regular session.

Long-time Sound Off Louisiana subscribers will recall our prior feature on Rep. Edmonds informing the Louisiana State Law Institute on September 30, 2017 that he was prepared to proceed with adoption reform legislation in the 2018 regular session with or without their assistance.


Prior to that feature, Sound Off Louisiana conducted a five-part series on the gentleman Edmonds references in the above video, Craig Mills, on his frustrating experience regarding his efforts to adopt the biological brother of his previoulsy-adopted daughter.


That series included Mills’ initial testimony about the experience, followed by Mills explaining about “behind-the-scenes bidding wars” transpiring entailing Louisiana adoptions, followed by Mills slamming the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services over what he alleges is indifference to the alleged scams which are allegedly transpiring, followed by Mills venting frustration with Attorney General Jeff Landry for Landry’s continued insistence that “these are civil matters,” (a statement to which Mills objects vehemently as he contends criminal acts have transpired in many of these alleged scams), followed by Mills providing an overall assessment of the adoption industry in Louisiana (which includes features by WVLA and WBRZ entailing the failed adoption by a couple in Central).

We spoke with Mills shortly after Edmonds’ presentation, and he (Mills) has committed to providing Sound Off Louisiana with an assessment of Edmonds’ legislative initiatives, and we look forward to delivering that feature to you in the near future.


Budget frustrations, with a focus on shenanigans regarding unfunded positions and over $100 million in “found broke dollars” by the Louisiana Department of Health.

Prediction of reappearance of “fiscal cliff” absent changes in Louisiana Medicaid practices.

His quest to be Louisiana’s next Secretary of State.

Entertaining the crowd with a duet with his wife of 44 years, Cindy.

CLICK HERE for the meeting in its entirety.

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