After LSP Troopers complain, State Police Commission issues terse letter for St. Tammany DA Collin Sims to “cease and desist” depicting troopers in campaign billboard ads.

One of several reported billboards supporting the candidacy of Collin Sims for District Attorney for St. Tammany Parish for which Louisiana State Police (LSP) troopers complained about, thus prompting the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC) to send Sims a cease and desist letter dated January 20, 2024.

In today’s Sound Off Louisiana feature, founder Robert Burns outlines complaints by LSP troopers regarding alleged campaign violations on the part of St. Tammany Parish DA candidate Collin Sims and the LSPC’s reaction to said complaints:

2/1/24:  Burns outlines trooper complaints and provides LSPC’s reaction to same.

A sample of the offending billboard ads is shown as the lead photo for this feature.  Here is a embedded copy of the this January 20, 2024 letter the LSPC sent to DA Sims.

As indicated on the video above, here are the links for various features referenced by Burns:

1.  February 9, 2023:  LSPC gets resounding courtroom victory over LSTA’s efforts to make campaign contributions, but LSTA gets March 13 hearing entailing Eulis Simien’s convenient amnesia (perjury?) of his law firm’s political contributions for appeal purposes.

2.  November 6, 2022:  State Police Commission attorney Feeney brings her “A Game” in trial against State Trooper’s Association, but was she taken aback by her witness Jesse Scott Perry’s highly Trooper Association-sympathetic testimony?  [Note:  This feature contains links for the features of former LSP Lt. Leon “Bucky” Millet calling upon LSPC member Jared Caruso-Riecke and two others to resign immediately as a result of alleged campaign contributions as well as a link for Caruso-Riecke dressing Millet down for “grandstanding” and not permitting him (Riecke) with an, “opportunity to defend myself.”]

3.  Sometime in May, 2023:  Counter-clock podcast entailing the murder of Caruso-Riecke’s former business partner, Bruce Cucchiara.  As Burns explained in the video above, Counter Clock’s reference to Sound Off Louisiana features on Riecke caused a skyrocket in hits to those features and, at the time, Burns had absolutely no idea why those hits were transpiring.

4.  October 30, 2019:  Our replica of the Brain Scratch’s  podcasts focusing on the Cucchiara murder.

5.  October 29, 2021:  Gone South podcast focusing on the still-unsolved murder of former St. Tammany Assistant DA Margaret Coon.

As Burns states in the video above, St. Tammany Parish, with recent arrests and convictions of the Parish Coroner, a District Attorney, and past Sheriff, is anything but a “sleepy little town” devoid of corruption!