Broussard touts collaboration with SMPG Councilwoman JeanBatiste to include himself, Dubrocs donating land to ease traffic congestion from spike expected upon impending opening of industrial park.

St. Martin Parish Councilwoman Carla JeanBatiste, who served as Chairperson for the St. Martin Parish Council’s Public Works Committee Meeting on November 15, 2022.

Within the video of our most recent feature on Broussard v. Mendy “Mob Boss” Girouard, Billy Broussard indicates that he feels that St. Martin Parish District 2 Councilwoman Carla JeanBattiste likely had not read the vicious Facebook posts associated with him or his property notwithstanding the fact that JeanBatiste has been a member of Girouard’s Facebook group since approximately February of 2022.  Broussard indicated there’s “no way” she would have read the posts and stood by and said nothing and, worse, permitted her good name to be tarnished by direct association with those posts.

Broussard also indicated that JeanBatiste is a, “good person, from good people who are doing the very best they can.”  Broussard even touted JeanBatiste’s Chairmanship of the November 15, 2022 St. Martin Parish Public Works Committee Meeting.

One of most-extensively discussed topics from the above agenda was:

“Report on major road projects in Road District 2:  Duchamp Road, Petroleum Parkway, and Spanish Trail Access Road.”

Although the meeting was very sparsely attended, Broussard indicated that he was pleased to address the Committee entailing the Duchamp Road projects to assist with facilitating the spike in traffic on Duchamp expected to transpire upon the opening a new industrial park within minutes of Duchamp Road.  In fact, Broussard touted his collaboration with JeanBatiste who, in turn, thanked him for their meeting and his input.

Broussard even volunteered that, given that he has about 600 feet of Duchamp Road frontage as does his two immediate neighbors going to LA Hwy 182, he could donate land, along with Blake Dubroc and Joelle Dubroc (whom he indicated, combined, also have about 600 feet of Duchamp Road frontage) and that would enable the Parish to build a right-hand lane on Duchamp to facilitate motorists desiring to turn right on to LA Hwy 182.  That right-hand turn lane, in turn, would significantly reduce the backlog of cars which amass in late afternoon seeking to make such a right-hand turn now.

There was one resident, David Pugh, who expressed concern that the exit from the new industrial park for the 400-500 workers expected to be employed at the park will be forced to turn right (there will be no provision for left-hand turns onto LA Hwy 182), and that, in turn, will prompt those motorists to then turn right on Duchamp as a shortcut to get to the major highway they’re seeking to traverse.

We were there for the public works meeting, so let’s now provide a six-minute highlight of the Duchamp Road matter:

11/15/22 SMPG Public Works Committee meeting entailing discussions of Duchamp Road / Industrial Park.

We also believe that the material on that video clears up some confusion regarding the apparent belief that certain residents had that there would be a new railroad crossing SOUTH of Duchamp Road which would facilitate the Laotians being able to get to their property without having to access the servitude road which the Dubrocs had to accommodate due to Louisiana’s laws forbidding land-locking any property owner from his property.  Everyone may recall the treatment we’ve documented of these Laotians by the Dubrocs, but here it is again:

Video file of a threatening action allegedly sent by a relative of Dubroc to one of the Laotian neighbors soon after they legally drove down a servitude to go to property they own.

There was yet another text allegedly sent soon thereafter.  On it, a very young man is heard bragging about having, “chased after them with a hammer.”  Let’s take a look at the video from that text, shall we?:

Another video file sent to the Laotian neighbors wherein one young man brags of having, “chased after them with a hammer in my hand.”

Because of alleged promises we were told were made regarding that railroad crossing SOUTH of Duchamp, we made a public records request on September 12, 2022 of SMPG for any evidence of any negotiations with railroad officials entailing just such a new crossing SOUTH of Duchamp.  The response we got may be accessed by clicking here; however, we also deem it worthy of reproduction below:


There are no documents responsive to your request dated September 12, 2022. For clarification, there have been discussions concerning a crossing from La. 182 to the Spanish Trail Industrial Park. That site is “north” of the Duchamp Road crossing.

That does indeed clear the air!  There obviously never has been any discussions for a crossing SOUTH of Duchamp, but obviously there have been discussions for re-installing the previously-existing one NORTH of Duchamp, and that is the roadway for entering and exiting the impending opening of the industrial park.  We consider the air now officially cleared!

While the impending opening of the new industrial park may create a few added traffic headaches for folk on Duchamp Road, we believe that both SMPG Councilwoman Carla JeanBatiste  and Parish President Chester Cedars should justifiably stick their chests out about this incredible accomplishment and the 400-500 new jobs for parish residents.

Clearly, Mr. Broussard, who obviously located and bought the right property at the right time (for which the value has already risen from an appraised value of $78,200 when he purchased the property to a recent appraisal of $163,600 according to his Opposition Memorandum to Girouard’s Peremptory Exception scheduled to be heard on December 9, 2022), as depicted in the initial video above, is elated at the upcoming development.  He contends the development will only enhance his property’s value (and that of all of his neighbors).

Broussard has indicated that the industrial park and collaborative efforts with SMPG District 2 Councilwoman Carla JeanBatiste prove that everything goes much smoother when everyone works as a team for the betterment of all involved, which is why he is so absolutely convinced that JeanBatiste would never agree to associate herself with the type of vile posts made on Mendy “Mob Boss” Girouard’s Facebook group!

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3 thoughts on “Broussard touts collaboration with SMPG Councilwoman JeanBatiste to include himself, Dubrocs donating land to ease traffic congestion from spike expected upon impending opening of industrial park.”

  1. You are worried about tarnishing people’s names. Our wonderful council lady is not the only name you throwing into this mix. You need to clean up your publications of people’s names and their right to freedom of speech 😡 I thank our council member for all her dedication to our area!

  2. you need to make sure your information is Correct. I have indeed been fighting to get a crossing for the people that live behind me so I don’t have to let them pass threw my 8acres on side of my home. speeding and throwing trash etc. I have been fighting for 2yrs now and have documents to prove it ..but unfortunately we are not important enough to entertain.. so Correct yourself when you say I have done nothing. you want to clear air then do it right! tired of your one sided lies !

    1. All he is trying to do is let the council get on his good side to let the parish extend the road so his big trucks can pass on the road. Let me just tell you it won’t happen baby. He’s going to have a rude of awakening.

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