Can we now declare State Police Col. Lamar Davis to be a complete and T-total fraud?

Louisiana State Police Col. Lamar Davis

On February 11, 2021, Louisiana State Police Col. Lamar Davis assured Louisiana citizens that, if LSP is not, “doing the right thing,” then, “we’re going to hold them accountable.”  Let’s take a look at that 15-second clip:

2/11/21 video of LSP Col. Lamar Davis reassuring Louisiana citizens that “LSP is out there doing the right thing.”

It’s now fair game to ask if Col. Davis is a complete, 100% T-total fraud!  We already exposed in a feature earlier this week where attorney Michael DuBos lambasted the living daylights out of him.  Davis, in an utterly weak (and actually downright pathetic) attempt to defend himself, not only didn’t help his cause but, in our opinion, severely harmed his cause.

He did so when he stated that LSP Trooper William Woodward, III had full access to his body-worn camera to prepare for an Internal Affairs interview for which Davis and his administration declined to even tell Woodward what specific violations he engaged in during a DWI arrest.  DuBos then countered stating, “Col. Davis may not be aware of this, but Trooper Woodward was blocked from having any access to his body-worn camera.”

DuBos further stated that, when he asked for specificity on any factual allegations being lodged against his client, Woodward, as he asserted is “required” by LSPC policy, he indicated that he was defiantly told, “You got all you’re going to get!”

Today, Davis’ credibility took a total and absolute free fall as a result of this feature by Associated Press reporter Jim Mustian.  When we say free fall, we mean Davis’ credibility literally fell faster than Enron’s stock when its fraud was revealed years ago!  From the feature:

A key point under scrutiny in the federal investigation came just a day after the AP published the video, when the head of the state police, Col. Lamar Davis, and his chief of staff, Lt. Col. Doug Cain, made a hastily arranged attempt to dissuade state prosecutors from charging troopers in the Greene case, according to several people familiar with the investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss it.

Davis and Cain traveled to District Attorney John Belton’s office in Ruston — more than 200 miles north of Baton Rouge — on May 20 to review the video frame by frame and make the case that the troopers’ actions were justified. Belton, who told colleagues he was deeply disturbed by the footage, referred the case to federal authorities in September 2019 but has not ruled out prosecuting the troopers at the state level.

Capt. Nick Manale, a state police spokesman, said the agency is continuing to cooperate with the federal investigation and “intends to release all documents and investigative files at the appropriate time.” He said the federal inquiry “prevents the release of further information.”

Davis has declined repeated interview requests. Cain did not respond to messages seeking comment.

What’s our best guess as to why Davis would do something like that when he knew reader comments associated with every media outlet covering the Greene case, along with civil rights organizations across the U. S. were calling for prosecutions of the troopers who arrested Greene?  The only logical explanation (to us at least) is that the “powers that be” beneath him (as well as likely Gov. Edwards) have known since Davis was appointed that he had some hidden skeleton he would never want revealed.  Once the video was released (by Mustian), they played the card!

That would fit in well with what we’ve observed of the way LSP operates.  It would also explain why Davis would say, “We’re out here doing the right thing,” and yet simultaneously approve numerous promotions (and highly questionable hiring decisions even within his own close inner circle) despite what we’ve observed to be widespread knowledge of serious problems existing entailing those hires.

Since Davis refuses to make comment on the matter above, we feel we’re at liberty to speculate, and that’s our best guess of what would otherwise seem absolutely inexplicable!

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4 thoughts on “Can we now declare State Police Col. Lamar Davis to be a complete and T-total fraud?”

    1. You may be right. I’ve never lied in court. Period. But If I said to you, Waba, “Have a nice day”,
      I would be totally lying. Ya got me.

    2. As in almost all police dept’s chicks in LE are ‘protected’ and if they get past probation are moved off the street ASAP. This is more for the safety of male officers because female ones will get them hurt or killed. Ever noticed whenever there is a major incident some PD’s ‘Information Officer” will be the press contact? And it will usually be an Ofcr/Sgt/Lt/Capt Tiffany Savme. oh, yeah and the Justice Dept and Fed. EEOC not only mandates their hiring but that they make rank too so there ya go. Male or female any person hired as a cop and sent through academy that sits in an office doing something a civilian could do like ‘fleet operations’ public affairs, etc. that is a waste of a position and uniform. There is ZERO Law Enforcement return to the taxpayer for the massive bucks being expended to hire , protect and keep Capt. Tiffany dressed up in fancy uniforms while she ‘handles’ her cushy M-F, 8-4 take-home car POSITION. And BTW: LSP Baton Rouge HQ bureaucracy is LOADED with upper rank deadheads dressed up in uniforms with all the goodies above who do ZERO Enforcement work and have done none for years, sometimes decades. Sometimes entire careers are spent that way. Edmondson started at Troop A and after initial 6 mos on the road went to Public Affairs and never looked back. He made it all the way to colonel from there. But this also happens in local PD’s and sheriff’s offices too.

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