Corruption of DAs Scott Perrilloux, Earl Taylor endangers the lives of all citizens on Louisiana roadways.

Livingston Parish District Attorney Scott Perrilloux


St. Landry Parish District Attorney Earl Taylor


In the following video feature, Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns examines the rampant corruption in Livingston Parish District Attorney Scott Perrilloux’s office and St. Landry Parish District Attorney Earl Taylor’s office entailing 26-year-old Cody Bowlin’s driving episodes which expose drivers in Louisiana to the very real possibility of dying at his hands:


Burns reviews the plethora of corruption by Livingston Parish DA Scott Perrilloux and St. Landry Parish DA Earl Taylor entailing 26-year-old Cody Bowlin’s reckless driving episodes.

Supporting Documentation/Links:

1. Bowlin’s September 21, 2016 Baton Rouge Incident (arraignment / contempt hearing 1/30/17 @ 9:00 a.m. in Susan Ponder’s Courtroom).

2.  Bowlin’s June 11, 2016 St. Landry Incident  (“resolved” in 10 days with DA “investigator” Barry Soileau stating Bowlin “completed” Pre-Trial Intervention — in a RECORD 10 days — a program for which he was not even eligible because it is for FIRST-TIME offenders and he exceeded the age limit for eligibility).

CLICK HERE for an article in The Advocate regarding the St. Landry Sheriff’s Office expressing frustration with St. Landry Parish DA Earl Taylor entailing abuses of the Pre-Trial Intervention program (see second-to-last paragraph).

3. Bowlin’s October 27, 2015 Incident entailing drug possession (for which DA Scott Perrilloux merely invoked Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure 691 to dismiss the charges).

4.  Bowlin’s April 4, 2015 Incident of passing a stopped school bus with stop signs out and unloading young school children (for which DA Scott Perrilloux merely invoked Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure 691 to dismiss the charges).

5.  Bowlin’s March 17, 2015 Albany Incident (rear-ended vehicle directly in front of him at a stop light — “no contest” plea entered 12/05/16 after LSP Trooper Michelle Patt was not present — she was conveniently NOT subpoenaed by Perrilloux’s office).  She also never returned any of Sound Off Louisiana’s phone messages left by founder Robert Burns merely providing his name and a request for a returned phone call.

6.  Bowlin’s September 6, 2012 Incident wherein he crashed head-on on LA 16 under the influence of drugs (was ordered to enter a treatment program — the ONLY instance of a non-cover-up wherein the Court ordered him to seek help).

7.  Bowlin’s May 3, 2011 Incident entailing shoplifting allegations in Ascension Parish (drugs have to be paid for — after numerous failures to attend court dates and bench warrants issued, Bowlin is ultimately represented to have “completed” a Pre-Trial Intervention).

8. Bowlin’s membership page  on the National Auctioneer’s Association webpage, an auctioneer trade association which touts its “high ethical standards” (similarly to Gov. John Bel Edwards’ touting of  his “West Point Honor Code”).

9.  Bowlin’s feature article of December 5, 2016 in investigative journalist Tom Aswell’s Louisiana Voice blog which prompted the in-depth research outlined above.

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2 thoughts on “Corruption of DAs Scott Perrilloux, Earl Taylor endangers the lives of all citizens on Louisiana roadways.”

  1. Innocent until proven guilty.

    The people that are very unfortunate are the innocent people that are victims of these outlaws that District Attorneys decide to allow to run wild and free. District Attorneys should be held personally liable (have to pay restitution) to victims of these “politically connected outlaws”.

    1. Honestly the outlaws are the district attorney themselves they are crooks and I was guilty until proven innocent in they’re eyes but I really did nothing wrong

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