Craig Mills sounds off on alleged Louisiana adoption scams and the associated added Medicaid costs to taxpayers.

Craig Mills and his family.


In our latest Sound Off Louisiana feature, we introduce Mr. Craig Mills, who sounds off on allegations of massive adoption scams in Louisiana and his frustration that law-enforcement agencies, rather than assisting the victims of the scams, simply ignore the epidemic and that the licensed clinical social workers who coordinate with Louisiana’s Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) actually assist those perpetrating the scams to pull them off!


We will be providing a multi-part series on Mills’ encounters and his allegations.  In today’s feature, we introduce him by way of providing a little background and testimony he provided entailing HCR-79 of the 2016 Louisiana legislative session.

Introductory background of Craig Mills and his House Committee testimony.

Mills has filed civil litigation over his encounters in which he alleges improprieties and/or conflicts on the part of Louisiana licensed social worker and adoption attorney Lisa Pecquet Harell.  The case was assigned to 19th JDC Judge Todd Hernandez.  The most recent hearing entailing the matter transpired on April 10, 2017.  Sound Off Louisiana attended the proceeding and made these notations.  Judge Hernandez took the matter under advisement, and he issued a ruling on May 24, 2017 denying both of defendant’s exceptions (no right of action and prescription).

We look forward to delivering Part II of this intriguing series to include one-on-one interview questions with Mills in coming days!

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