EBRP Mayoral candidate Bodi White: “I don’t need Darryl Gissel to speak for me on a St. George breakaway city.”

EBRP Mayoral candidate and Louisiana Sen. Bodi White

At the mayoral forum conducted at the Baton Rouge Press Club on Monday, October 17, 2016, candidate Bodi White (R) made it clear that he doesn’t need fellow candidate Darryl Gissel (I) to articulate his stand on the prospect of a St. George breakaway city:   

White, after stating his position on a potential St. George city breakaway, makes it clear that he doesn’t need fellow candidate Darryl Gissel to speak for him on the matter.

All EBRP mayoral candidates respond to Ike Jackson’s question entailing their stands on a potential St. George city breakaway and whether they have any “no new taxes” pledge to the voters.

EBRP mayoral candidates address Sound Off Louisiana’s Robert Burns’ question entailing whether they agree with some prominent Baton Rouge attorneys who’ve cited wasteful abuse in the Parish Attorney’s Office and what their stands are entailing attorneys working in the office simultaneously having private law practices.  CLICK HERE for an in-depth article by Burns outlining alleged historical waste and the controversy surrounding the EBRP Metro Council’s termination of long-time Parish Attorney Mary Roper.

EBRP mayoral candidates address the issue of the EBRP prison and state whether they believe a new prison is needed (at a cost purported to be in excess of $300 million).

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