Former ATC Commissioner Painter lambasts Stephen Street’s office with too much material for us to fit into one headline!

Former Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) Commissioner Murphy Painter.

Folks, it’s rare for us to struggle to create a headline adequately covering the content of a video we’ve produced and published, but such is the case on our third installment of our Murphy Painter interviews.  All we’re going to say is that, if anyone happens to be a fan of Louisiana Inspector General Stephen Street, plug your ears when listening to this third interview in our Painter series:

Former ATC Commissioner Murphy Painter gives his thoughts and insights into the operations of Louisiana Inspector General Stephen Street’s Office of Inspector General.

Documents referenced by Painter in the video above:

1.  Public records response from Street regarding number of searches on LSP’s system by individual OIG agents.

2.  Total searches conducted by everyone for years 2006 – 2010.

3.  OIG’s application for a search warrant entailing Painter executed by investigator Shane Evans dated August 16, 2010, three days after Painter was terminated.

4.  OIG’s executed search warrant.

As Mr. Painter states at the conclusion of the above interview, episode four of our series will focus on Painter’s criminal trial in Federal Court in Baton Rouge.  We are very excited and anxious for that interview to proceed because, as Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns has stated on many occasions, he attended that entire trial.  Stay tuned, folks!  We believe you’ll find that next feature very revealing!

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