Rispone: “Gov. Edwards is not a Governor we want to have;” slams him on “not placing children first” on education and ITEP changes.

Baton Rouge Businessman and Republican Candidate for Louisiana Governor, Eddie Rispone.

At the East Baton Rouge Republican Women’s meeting of Thursday, January 24, 2019, candidate for Louisiana Governor, Eddie Rispone, R-Baton Rouge, had some choice words for incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards, D-Amite.  Let’s take a look:

Rispone flatly states Edwards is “not a Governor we want to have,” and slams him on “not placing children first” on education.

Rispone references Together Baton Rouge as a “socialist group” and slams Edwards’ abrupt changes to Louisiana’s ITEP program (EBRP Councilmen Dwight Hudson and Matt Watson pose questions entailing the ITEP program).

Rispone fields a question entailing Medicaid expansion.

Rispone responds to a question regarding his thoughts on a Constitutional Convention.

Rispone fields a question entailing his ability to work with President Trump.

Rispone fields a question from Baton Rouge adoption-law attorney Todd Gaudin regarding why Rispone feels he’s the better Republican choice over challenger U. S. Congressman Ralph Abraham (R-Mangham).

Mr. Gaudin is no fan of Robert Burns or Sound Off Louisiana.  Long-time subscribers may recall an intriguing email exchange between Burns and Gaudin after Burns called Gaudin on the carpet regarding Gaudin’s ill-conceived stand that Burns had no right to videotape proceedings of the Louisiana State Law Institute on which Gaudin volunteers.

In this video, Burns flatly informed Gaudin and the other members of that 18-member panel (some of whom are State District Judges) that he most certainly did have the right to videotape the proceedings and that, if they hindered his efforts to do so, litigation would surely follow.

On the email exchange previously linked, Gaudin emphatically states that Burns has been “deceived” by adoption reform advocate Criag Mills (on whom Sound Off Louisiana has done a five-part feature entailing alleged adoption scams).

Well, if Burns was “deceived” at the time of that email exchange, apparently so too was State Rep. Rick Edmonds (R-Baton Rouge), who touted Mills’ advocacy in this video and sponsored several adoption reform measures in the 2018 Louisiana Legislature which all passed by very wide margins.  Hence, perhaps Gaudin had the ill-conceived notion that essentially the entire Legislature, like Burns, was being “deceived” by Mills since, as depicted on the video just linked, Edmonds readily credits Mills as being the driving force behind his legeslative initiatives!

Stay tuned, folks.  We’ll have more developments on Mills’ civil litigation entailing his alleged adoption scam as his trial date, tentatively scheduled for August of this year, approaches!


To see Mr. Rispone’s presentation in its entirety, CLICK HERE.

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