Stutes: “I’ll report your fraud to the FBI.” Threatens contractor Billy Broussard as demand made to back off public records requests.

Contractor Billy Broussard


In the following video, Sound Off Louisiana‘s founder Robert Burns introduces contractor Billy Broussard and covers both emails and letters drafted by Calcasieu Parish Gravity Drainage District # 8 attorney Russell L. Stutes, Jr. in which Broussard is threatened with “FBI criminal reporting” by Stutes if Broussard does not back off his public records requests:

Burns introduces Broussard and covers Stutes’ threatening email and letter.

Supporting Documents:

Stutes’ January, 2014 email to Broussard with the threat to report him to the FBI for “fraud” Stutes alleges Broussard committed highlighted.

Stutes’ February, 2015 letter to Broussard again threatening to report him to the FBI for “fraud” Stutes alleges Broussard committed highlighted.

Note:  If Stutes had evidence Broussard committed fraud, as an officer of the court, he had an OBLIGATION to report it to the FBI!!  His obligation is NOT contingent upon Broussard making public records requests.  That is the basis of Broussard’s ethics complaints both with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and State Board of CPAs referenced below.

3.  Though he is under no obligation to do so, Broussard explains why he wants the public records.

4.  In response to Broussard’s email, Stutes’ paralegal, Kimberly Bienvenu, warns Broussard that a filing for injunctive relief will be submitted to Judge Ritchie (using the same case caption for a case that had been closed for years!).

5.  True to their word, Stutes filed for “injunctive relief” from Broussard (using the same captioned case —  and thus the SAME JUDGE!!!!! as was closed years before).

6.  Sound Off Louisiana, after speaking with attorney Gabb by phone, sent off this email asking some key questions (which are highlighted) about the petition for injunctive relief.  We received absolutely no response whatsoever from either Gabb or Stutes to our email inquiry.

7.  Broussard’s complaint with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel entailing Stutes’ threats of FBI prosecution for “fraud” on Broussard’s part.

8.  Broussard’s complaint with the State Board of CPAs of Louisiana entailing Stutes’ threats of FBI prosecution for “fraud” on Broussard’s part.

Carl Patterson, former employee of the Gravity District, is interviewed by Louisiana State Police (LSP) entailing potential irregularities.  Patterson paints a very unflattering picture of the District and corruption that he asserts is rampant.  LSP limited its investigation to alleged theft of sinker logs (which would be ineligible for reimbursement by FEMA) and “had no interest in investigating FEMA-related fraud.”

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4 thoughts on “Stutes: “I’ll report your fraud to the FBI.” Threatens contractor Billy Broussard as demand made to back off public records requests.”

  1. Filed complaint with attorney Board & CPA Board on attorney. Way to get your defense off the field and let the offense take the field. Both should insist on seeing the evidence he has of fraud and a good reason for why he didn’t report it!

  2. There is also that question, why was Mr. Stutes which is being paid for with taxpayers (GDD8) money in the interview/”investigation” with the State Police and Mr. Reon. It’s not like you could miss him and his secretary.

    There’s also the question why did GDD8 hire Mr. Stutes. Did they not think the DA’s counsel Mr. Kleinschmidt was good enough.
    Stay tuned we will be providing you the DA’s advice to GDD8 and Mr. Shannon Spell (former Police Juror) SOON!!

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