AG candidate Ike Jackson claims he has old cell phone with data supporting “Russian interference with the Presidential election going back to the 2015 election.”

Ike Jackson, Democratic challenger for Louisiana Attorney General against incumbent Republican Jeff Landry


The Hayride’s  Scott McKay has published a feature presenting a very compelling case that, for the statewide elections on October 12, 2019, the Louisiana Democratic Party has “lost all control.”  We strongly recommend the read because, well, it’s a heck of read and very compelling arguments.

We’d like to focus in on Scott’s commentary regarding the Attorney General race, however, because we’ve got a tad we can contribute on that matter entailing Jeff Landry’s lone challenger, Ike Jackson.  First, let’s focus on what Scott had to say:

And perhaps worst of all in the statewide races, they let Ike Jackson, who is thoroughly unviable, qualify against Jeff Landry. This after failing to mount a real challenge against Landry, among the state officials the most effective critic of Edwards over the last four years. Instead of actually threatening the Attorney General, Jackson merely frees him up to run a quasi-gubernatorial race against Edwards with the $2.2 million he has sitting in the bank. Landry will unleash that war chest in a campaign touting the way he’s fought Edwards’ corruption (Larry Bankston) and far-left social agenda (using state contracts to give illegal protections to transgenders), and he’ll turn out thousands of infrequent Republican voters who he’s been able to energize over the years with his dynamic campaign style.

It’s a disaster they don’t realize the magnitude of. Landry was all set to be a very limited factor in this cycle; now, the man who very likely could have been the Republicans’ gubernatorial candidate will be something of a shadow candidate against Edwards and give the governor fits.


Didn’t we give the heads up that the feature is a heck of a read?

Jackson attended the Baton Rouge Press Club (BRPC) meeting on Monday of this week (August 5, 2019), where the guest speaker was U. S. Congressman Garret Graves (R-Baton Rouge).  Jackson contends he has information on an old cell phone which he believes may likely substantiate, “Russian interference in the Presidential race going back to the 2015 Louisiana elections.”  Jackson challenged Attorney General James D. “Buddy” Caldwell in 2015’s election, a race that Landry ultimately won.  Let’s take a look at Jackson posing the question of Graves and Graves’ response:

Jackson poses question to U. S. Congressman Garret Graves on Monday, August 5, 2019 at the BRPC meeting.

Sound Off Louisiana’s Robert Burns has a long-time friend and former colleague with whom he worked at the FDIC for years.  That friend now resides in Kansas.  He follows Sound Off’s blog posts and has stated many times to Burns, “There’s no way you could ever live anywhere but Louisiana because the political climate would be too boring for you!”  Perhaps this gentleman, who is about the most intelligent (especially when it comes to computers) person Burns has ever met in his life, has a very valuable, accurate, and insightful point!

CLICK HERE for Graves’ presentation in its entirety, which will include an utterly distasteful and unprofessional posing of a question by a BRPC member beginning at the 26:00 mark of the video.  While we certainly encourage frank questioning of political officials, flat-out calling a sitting U. S. Congressman a liar (in a backhanded way by saying, “Don’t you think you ought to be truthful?”) is, at least in our firm opinion, way beyond the pale and should result of sanctioning by the BRPC body to include the possible loss of privileges for posing questions.  Given that it is most certainly a privilege and not a right, that privilege should carry with it at least a modicum of professionalism and responsibility. Given the BRPC’s  less-than-subtle liberal leanings, however, we’re not about to hold our breath!

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