As fired LSP Trooper Cavalier loses appeal to Fifth Circuit, former Lt. John Stelly, like Cavalier, faces a mandatory settlement conference on July 24 and must make formal settlement demand of LSP no later than 10 days before that conference.

Former LSP Trooper Carl Cavalier, whose appeal to the U. S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals seeking reconsideration of U. S. Judge John deGravelles’ ruling enforcing his separation agreement with LSP was denied (i.e. deGravelles’ ruling was affirmed) on or around June 5, 2024.

In today’s Sound Off Louisiana feature, founder Robert Burns provides an update entailing former Louisiana State Police (LSP) Trooper Carl Cavalier and former LSP Lt. John Stelly, who is suing LSP for alleged reverse discrimination:

  6/30/24:  Burns provides update on Cavalier & Stelly.

Federal court filings which Burns references in the above video:

1.  6/27/24:  Fifth Circuit affirming lower court’s ruling on Cavalier’s request for reconsideration (indicating Judge deGravelles did not abuse his discretion).

2.  4/25/24 & 6/3/24:  application and approval of attorney to assist bankruptcy trustee (relative to Fifth Circuit resolution, resolution of conflicting attorney fees, etc.)

3.  6/10/24:  Stelly witness and exhibit list for Stelly trial.

4.  6/14/24:  LSP witness and exhibit list for Stelly trial.

5.  6/18/24:  LSP’s Motion for Summary Judgment (with exhibits of deposition excerpts).

6.  6/18/24:  LSP’s Motion to File Certain Exhibits of its Motion for Summary Judgment Under Seal.

7.  6/18//24:  Stelly’s Motion to Exclude LSP’s Expert Witness and Report.

8.  6/18/24:  LSP’s Motion to Exclude Stelly’s Expert Witness (Himself) and Andrew Broadway

9.  6/18/24:  LSP’s Motion to Consider Whether Stelly’s Report (Exhibit “A”) of LSP’s Motion exclude Stelly’s testimony should be filed under seal.

10.  6/20/24:  Orders granting LSP’s Motion for certain documents to be filed under seal.

11.  6/24/24:  Order calling for Mandatory Settlement Conference on Stelly litigation 7/24/24 @ 2:00 p.m (along with mandatory demand for settlement demand from Stelly and LSP response).

12.  6/25/24:  Stelly’s Opposition Memorandum to LSP’s Motion to Exclude Expert Witness.

13.  6/26/24:  Stelly’s Opposition Memorandum to LSP’s Motion for Summary Judgment (along with excerpts of deposition of Major Donavan Archote, declaration of Carl Saizan, and excerpts of deposition of Kendrick L. Van Buren).

14.  6/28/24:  Stelly’s Opposition to LSP’s efforts to file 18 exhibits associated with “Exhibit G” of its Motion for Summary Judgment under seal.  (LSPC has designated those exhibits as “confidential”).

15.  6/28/24:  LSP’s Motion for eight (8) of Stelly’s exhibits for his Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment to be filed under seal.

16.  6/28/24:  LSPC files Memorandum in Support of LSP’s Request to Seal.

17.  6/30/24:  Stelly’s Opposition Memorandum to LSP’s Motion to Seal Exhibits in his Opposition to LSP’s Motion for Summary Judgment which LSPC has declared “confidential.”

18.  7/1/24:  LSP’s reply reinforcing contention that Stelly should not be declared an expert witness on stats.

19.  7/1/24:  LSP’s Reply Memo reinforcing its Motion for Summary Judgment.

20.  7/1/24:  LSP’s Motion to Strike Exhibits Stelly filed in his Opposition Memorandum to LSP’s Motion for Summary Judgment.

Finally, regarding Burns’ reference to an article Stelly’s attorney presented to former Col. Lamar Davis during his deposition regarding a “policy for diversity,” click here to see that Louisiana Illuminator article of November 29, 2021.

Happy 4th of July everybody!

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