As Mona Hardin, Ronald Greene’s mother, vents frustration on prosecution of her son’s criminal case, a glimmer of hope arrives for her as State Judge Rogers denies Union Parish Sheriff Deputy Chris Harpin’s Motion to Quash.

Ms. Mona Hardin, mother of Ronald Greene, sees her son sometime after his death on May 10, 2019 at the hands of Louisiana State Police troopers and Union Parish Sheriff deputies.

We realize that our last feature entailing the dropping of Louisiana State Police (LSP) Lieutenant John Clary’s Obstruction of Justice charge for allegedly, “withholding a body camera video from investigators” was an in-depth and very much “in the weeds” production.

Let us summarize it in one sentence:  John Belton’s criminal case against Clary was utterly laughable and would have been near-impossible for him to prevail upon.  That’s the one sentence summary, but the more perplexing question is how in the world he actually got an indictment on something so flimsy and lacking even an a modicum of foundation.

At any rate, as we stated in that article, Ms. Mona Hardin appeared on Gerod Stevens’ “reality check” program on Thursday, October 19, 2023.  Sister Belinda Parker-Brown, founder of Louisiana United International and Mr. Stevens have invited Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns on the show about four times in 2023 (and even more in 2022) to provide updates on the Ronald Greene trial.

We want to provide our subscribers and casual site visitors with the opportunity for Hardin to inform everyone just what all has transpired from the outset of the in-custody death on May 10, 2019 through present day.  What all she describes is absolutely incredible and, for those who’d like to hear her explain it all in her own words (and vent plenty of frustration with “everyone who has touched this case,”) here’s your chance:

Episode of Gerod Stevens’ “reality check” program of October 19, 2023 wherein Ms. Mona Hardin, mother of Ronald Greene, informs listeners of all that has transpired entailing her son’s in-custody death at the hands of LSP Troopers and Union Parish Sheriff Deputies on May 10, 2019.

We think anyone would have to admit that the above account of Ms. Mona, including all of the frustrations she conveys in that broadcast, are almost unbelievable, but it all really did happen!

We felt a duty to inform the Greene family of our take on Belton dropping the Obstruction Charge against Clary and that it almost certainly may not be for the reason(s) Belton likely conveyed to the Greene family.  Quite simply, we would never believe he would admit to the family that the trial would be downright laughable as one LSP investigator after another testified to having no trouble viewing Clary’s video and that he made no attempt whatsoever to block them from doing so.

That fact notwithstanding, Clary may be called upon to testify in the upcoming trial of Union Parish Sheriff Deputy Chris Harpin, which is presently scheduled for March 25, 2024.  Harpin’s Motion to Quash the charges against him was denied by State Judge Thomas Rogers on November 22, 2023.  Here’s what Judge Rogers had to say in his ruling:

Count 12 of the indictment alleges that Mr. Harpin applied OC spray after he had been subdued and Count 13 alleges he placed his foot on Mr. Greene sometime thereafter.  These are separate and distinct actions even though they were reportedly within 16 seconds of each other.  Although 16 seconds sounds like a very short span of time, it was sufficient to have given Mr. Harpin time to reflect on the result of applying the OC spray and to make a deliberate decision to apply his foot to Mr. Greene.  This was not an automatic reflective response immediately following the application of the OC spray.

Code of Criminal Procedure Article 61 grants the Office of the District Attorney vast authority over criminal prosecution.  This broad discretionary power allows the office to determine whom, when, and how he shall prosecute.  In the present case evidence was presented to a grand jury who with the guidance of the District Attorney determined that there were 2 distinct offenses of malfeasance.

LSA-R.S. 14:8 defines one form of criminal conduct as an act that produces criminal consequences combined with criminal intent.  Louisiana Courts have consistently held that where a law enforcement officer commits a battery in the course and scope of his duties this would constitute malfeasance in office under LSA R. S. 14:134 A(1) or A(2).  Simply put, he violated a lawfully required duty by performing it in an unlawful manner.  Both Counts 12 and 13 describe batteries separate and distinct from each other.  As pointed out by the State if Mr. Harpin was tried on either Count 12 or 13 alone the disposition as to only one count would not give rise to a claim of double jeopardy as to the other.  The Court agrees with the State.  The fact that two actions occur only sixteen seconds apart is of no consequence.  Accordingly, the Motion to Quash is denied.

THUS DONE and SIGNED this 21st day of November, 2023 in chambers at Ruston, Louisiana.

Here’s a brief update on the status of the other Greene defendant, Kory York.  On October 5, 2023, Judge Rogers denied York’s Motion to Quash after the Kastigar Hearing.  York’s attorney, J. Michael Small, immediately vowed to appeal to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  York succefully obtained an extension of time to apply for writ application to Friday, November 24, 2023 (last Friday).  In the meantime, Judge Rogers granted a Stay of all Court Proceedings pertaining to York pending that appeal.

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