Chambers sets himself apart from Barrow on being pro small business, including, “110 percent support for hair braiding license exemption.”

State Sen. Regina Ashford Barrow (District 15)



Gary Chambers, candidate for Senate District 15

Installment one of the Barrow / Chambers forum held at the Baton Rouge Press Club to sort out who will represent State Senate District 15 focused on the candidates’ take on the Johnny Anderson matter, their thoughts on Dr. Oscar “Omar”Dantzler’s claims of media racial bias having played a role in his assertion that his campaign for governor has been quashed, and what they plan to so should the City of St. George ballot initiative pass.  In fact, the St. George video has been viewed nearly 2,700 times since it was published on Monday.

Today, let’s focus on some other matters covered in the forum:

After Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns revealed the fact that, at the prior week’s forum, former Congressman Cleo Fields indicated a willingness to sponsor a measure to repeal the license requirement for hair braiding (Fields is running for State Sen. District 14), Burns asked both Barrow and Chambers whether they would support such a measure.  In the video above, Chambers provides his response.

Next up was Barrow to respond to the hair braiding license abolition.  Let’s take a look at what she had to say:

Incumbent District 15 Sen. Regina Barrow provides her thoughts on abolishing the requirement for a license to braid hair.

Barrow knows she’s highly vulnerable to defeat over this one issue alone!  She states in the video above that she believes the number of hours required (500) is excessive.  That is truly ironic given that it was Barrow who sponsored SB-370 of the 2018 Louisiana Legislative Session that would have actually increased the number of required hours from 500 to 1,000!!!  All any subscriber has to do is look at item (3) of the digest of the bill just linked to confirm that fact!  The following video highlights Barrow’s bill’s fate in the Senate Commerce Committee, and we strongly encourage any voter in Senate District 15 to watch it.  The video clearly demonstrates just how anti-small-business Barrow is as this hearing, which was an unmitigated disaster for her and the bill’s supporters:

Barrow’s bill to increase the required number of hours to braid hair from 500 to 1,000 suffers disastrous consequences as it is debated in the Senate Commerce Committee.

What Barrow apparently can’t get through her thick skull (and we know of no other way to phrase it) is that people being issued cosmetology licenses are implicitly deemed to be qualified to braid hair EVEN THOUGH THEY’VE NOT SPENT ONE SECOND IN CLASS LEARNING HOW TO BRAID HAIR!!!  Thus, Barrow wants to force people who ONLY want to braid hair to expend $10,000 in tuition and attend the only school to offer a program specifically for hair braiding, with that one school being located in Monroe, Louisiana!  Meanwhile, she is apparently perfectly fine with people graduating from a cosmetology school and being issued a cosmetology license being “ordained” as qualified to braid hair even though the school they attended devoted not even a nanosecond teaching hair braiding.

Gary Chambers, despite the baggage he carries entailing his relationship with the white community (just look at the comments beneath the St. George video) clearly “gets it” far better Barrow when it comes to the hair braiding issue!

Barrow and Chambers weigh in on legalizing pot for recreational use.

Barrow and Chambers weigh in on abolishing the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE).

Barrow and Chambers get an opportunity to question one another, and more than a little animus between the two becomes evident.

CLICK HERE for the forum in its entirety.

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