Even as Louisiana State Police Commission issues directives for significant additional minority hiring, former LSP Trooper John Stelly files suit alleging reverse discrimination.

A pie chart of Louisiana State Police (LSP) demographics by gender which was presented to the LSP Commission (LSPC) on Thursday, April 13, 2023, prompting Chairman Eulis Simien, Jr., to assess the chart as, “screaming out.”  Simien, who had pressed LSP’s upper brass for demographics for months, focused on those demographics in emphasizing to LSP’s upper brass that the agency must be, “conscious of what our community looks like,” in making its hiring and promotional decisions.

On October 17, 2022, we published this feature indicating that white male Louisiana State Police (LSP) Troopers were irate at Col. Lamar Davis’ alleged fixation on hiring and promoting women and African Americans over them.  Numerous troopers (and we emphasize “numerous”) contacted us indicating they’d recently decided they’d had enough of Davis and his fixation on that practice and left the agency as a result.

On October 31, 2022, we followed that feature up with this feature wherein LSP Trooper Scott Lopez stated on video that Troopers were, “dropping like flies” notwithstanding the fact they were, “knocking back $150,000 to $160,000 a year working LACE overtime at $80 – $83/hour because that’s how bad it is.”

We’ve since been inundated with even more complaints about how the hiring and promoting trend has, “only gotten much worse” since our features linked above.

That anger is likely to skyrocket after the most recent meeting of the LSPC of Thursday, April 13, 2023.

Leading up to that meeting, LSPC Chairman Eulis Simien, Jr. had been pushing LSP’s upper brass for months to provide him and the Commission with demographics both of LSP and LSP’s WAE (when actually employed) program.  LSP Chief of Staff, Chavez Cammon, provided Simien with the material he’d been requesting at that meeting.

Simien made it clear his dissatisfaction with the data, and he issued to Davis and Cammon essentially a directive for LSP, “to be conscious of what our community looks like,” in making future hiring and promotional decisions.  Let’s take a look at that segment of the meeting at this time:

April 13, 2023 LSPC meeting during which LSPC Chairman Eulis Simien, Jr., after pressing for months for LSP demographic data, indicates to LSP Col. Davis and Chief of Staff Chavez Cammon that LSP needs, “to be conscious of what our community looks like,” in making future hiring and promotional decisions.

At this time, let us present the material the LSPC members had for their review:

Perhaps nothing demonstrates the discontent of the male white troopers remaining at LSP and those who have recently left in frustration more than this March 1, 2023 Federal Lawsuit alleging reverse discrimination filed by former LSP Trooper John Stelly.  Let’s take a look at highlights from the suit:

Plaintiff John R. Stelly, II (“Plaintiff” or “Lt. Stelly”) is a White resident of the state of Montana. He was employed by the State of Louisiana, Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Office of State Police (“LSP”).

Plaintiff began his employment with LSP on January 22, 1995. On May 5, 1995, Plaintiff was commissioned to Trooper and assigned to Troop B. On December 27, 2001, after five years of service as a Trooper, Plaintiff was promoted to Sergeant in Troop B.

On August 10, 2004, after four years of service as sergeant, Plaintiff was promoted to lieutenant in Troop B. After serving two years as a lieutenant, he was eligible for promotion to captain.

LSP denied Lt. Stelly promotion from lieutenant to captain because of race discrimination, in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. § 2000e et seq.

LSP denied him promotion from lieutenant to captain because of race discrimination, in violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1981..

Lt. Stelly remained eligible for promotion until he was constructively discharged in 2021, having been denied promotion to captain thirty-one (31) times during the period 2008-2021. LSP constructively discharged Lt. Stelly when he retired on December 18, 2021, in violation of Section 1981 and Title VII.

On May 5, 2022, Lt. Stelly filed an EEOC Charge of Discrimination asserting violations based on race discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended. This charge was docketed with the EEOC as Charge No. 461-2022-01474.

The EEOC issued its determination of charge and right to sue letter on December 1, 2022 regarding Lt. Stelly’s claims of race discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.

Lt. Stelly’s merit and efficiency were at the very top level for all 17 of his annual evaluations as a Louisiana State Police (LSP) lieutenant. Lt. Stelly’s annual performance evaluations were evaluated by 5 captains and reviewed by 8 majors. Without exception, Lt. Stelly scored at  the  highest level on each of 11 factors in each evaluation, from 2008 until 2021.

Looking particularly at Lt. Stelly’s last four evaluations as a lieutenant, Captain Donovan Archote, Lt. Stelly’s supervisor, wrote:

“You have met and exceeded all work and behavior expectations that had been set for you. Your work ethic, knowledge, dependability, and loyalty are truly appreciated by me and everyone here at the Troop. Thank you for being a leader on our team and taking care of Troop B duties when I am away. When given the opportunity to run a command, I know you will excel and be very successful.”

When Lt. Stelly joined the LSP in 1995, Lt. Stelly had earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, and Master of Science Degree in Mathematics. Also prior to joining the LSP, Lt. Stelly had started earning his PhD in Computer Science. Lt. Stelly has a higher level of formal academic education than the other candidates for the captain positions that Lt. Stelly applied for.

Lt. Stelly observed that he was being denied promotion to captain when he was an eligible candidate for promotion to a captain position in Internal Affairs. That promotion was awarded on September 6, 2017, to Lt. Chavez Cammon, Black, who had the bare minimum of two years of time in grade as a lieutenant. At that time, Lt. Stelly had 13 years of time in grade. At that time Lt. Stelly had 4.5 years more than Lt. Cammon in years of service.

The promotion choices since 09/06/17 by the LSP to captain for positions that Lt. Stelly applied for are:

PanelRaceDate of promotionSectionCandidate chosen
1B09/06/17Internal AffairsChavez Cammon
2B04/25/18GamingKenneth VanBuren
3W07/26/18Technical Support ServicesChristopher Eskew
4W08/23/18Troop NDean Behrens


5B10/03/18Technology/ Business



Lamar Davis
6W10/03/18Investigative Support



Robert Hodges
7W10/03/18Crime LabKevin Marcel
8W02/06/19Public AffairsJB Slaton
9W06/25/20GamingPat Bradley
10B10/20/20Troop LHiram Mason
11B11/24/20Technical Support ServicesAaron Marcelle
12W11/24/20Technology/ Business



David Stelly
13W01/07/21Police Logistical ServicesNicole Kilgore
14W02/10/21Public AffairsNicholas Manale
15B05/19/21Internal AffairsTreone Lavardain
16Non-W07/09/21Operational DevelopmentRobert Burns
17B07/09/21GamingSalem EIAmin
18W08/26/21LCJISJonas Martin

Black candidates comprised an approximate average of 19.4% of each of Lt. Stelly’s 18 promotional panels for captain in this table. The Department chose black candidates for promotion in these panels 38.9% of the time. The statistical analysis of this data is that the number of black candidates promoted from September 2017 through August 2021 deviated above the expected number by more than two standard deviations.

On April 25, 2018, Lt. Kenneth VanBuren, Black, was promoted to captain and Lt. Stelly was not promoted although he was on the eligible list.

On October 3, 2018, Lt. Lamar Davis, Black, was promoted to captain and Lt. Stelly was not promoted although Lt. Stelly was first on the eligible list and Lt. Davis was 13th on the list. Also Lt. Stelly had 3 more years in years of service than Lt. Davis and 5 more years in time in grade.

On October 20, 2020, Lt. Hiram Mason, Black, was promoted to captain and Lt. Stelly was not promoted although Lt. Stelly was first on the eligible list and Lt. Mason was 6th on the list. Also Lt. Stelly had a few more months in years of service than Lt. Mason and 13 more years in time in grade.

On November 24, 2020, Lt. Aaron Marcelle, Black, was promoted to captain and Lt. Stelly was not promoted although Lt. Stelly was first on the eligible list and Lt. Marcelle was 4th on the list. Also Lt. Stelly had 6 more years in years of service than Lt. Marcelle and 13 more years in time in grade.

On May 19, 2021, Lt. Treone Lavardain, Black, was promoted to captain and Lt. Stelly was not promoted although Lt. Stelly was first on the eligible list and Lt. Lavardain was 4th on the list. Also Lt. Stelly had 11 more years in years of service than Lt. Larrvadain and 10 more years in time in grade.

On July 9, 2021, Lt. Robert Burns, non-White, was promoted to captain and Lt. Stelly was not promoted although Lt. Stelly was first on the eligible list and Lt. Burns was 2nd on the list. Also Lt. Stelly had 7 more years in years of service than Lt. Burns and 10 more years in time in grade.

On July 9, 2021, Lt. Salem El Amin, Black, was promoted to captain and Lt. Stelly was not promoted although Lt. Stelly was first on the eligible list and Lt. El Amin was 8th and last on the list. Also Lt. Stelly had 9 more years in years of service than Lt. El Amin and 14 more years in time in grade.

In early 2019, Cpt. Archote told Lt. Stelly, before the interviews were conducted for selection of a trooper-level position in Troop B for the position of Public Information Officer, that the Department’s position was that a black trooper would be selected. When Lt. Stelly objected to this racial preference, Cpt. Archote stated that that is just the way it is. This conversation took place in Lt. Stelly’s office just prior to the interviews conducted at Troop B. A black trooper, in fact the only black trooper who applied, was selected.

Days prior to Lt. Stelly’s May 19, 2021, promotional panel for Internal Affairs, Cpt. Archote called LTC Chavez Cammon to speak on Lt. Stelly’s behalf and recommend him for the position. On May 14, 2021, during a closed-door meeting in Cpt. Archote’s office, Cpt. Archote told him of his conversation with LTC Cammon and said that LTC Cammon replied, “Did you see who’s on the list?” upon his recommending me to Cammon. C p t . Archote and Lt. Stelly took LTC Cammon’s response to refer to the fact that Lt. Larvadain, the only black candidate, would be selected for promotion. She was indeed selected.

On July 29 and 30, 2022, Cpt. Archote and Lt. Stelly spoke via phone. As a longtime advocate for Lt. Stelly’s promotion, Archote repeated his position that Lt. Stelly certainly deserved to have been promoted to at least captain. Cpt. Archote mentioned LSP COL Lamar Davis’ had repeated that he intends to increase (racial) diversity at LSP. COL Davis has stated this position in public.2 Cpt. Archote told Lt. Stelly that Lt. Stelly’s not having been promoted to captain due in part to its being inconsistent with Davis’ goal.

Lt. Stelly’s race, White, was a motivating factor in his non-selection for promotion to captain for the positions stated in paragraphs 28-32 above.

LSP has proffered no legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons for Lt. Stelly’s non-selection for promotion to captain for the positions stated in paragraphs 28-32 above.

Whatever alleged legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons that may be offered by LSP for Lt. Stelly’s non-selection for promotion to captain for the positions stated in paragraphs 28-32 above, if any, will be a pretext for discrimination based on Lt. Stelly’s race.

LSP made Lt. Stelly’s work conditions so intolerable that a reasonable employee would feel compelled to resign. Because LSP failed to promote Lt. Stelly to captain for 31 times for a period of 13 years when he was consistently the top scorer on the open competitive exams for each of the 31 positions applied for was humiliating for Lt. Stelly with his peers and with his spouse. This humiliation by LSP was calculated to encourage the employee’s early retirement.

Wherefore, the Plaintiff respectfully requests that this Court:


  1. Order Defendant to make whole Lt. Stelly by providing appropriate backpay and loss of benefits with prejudgment interest, in amounts to be determined at trial, and other affirmative relief necessary to eradicate the effects of its unlawful employment
  2. Order Defendant to make whole Lt. Stelly by providing compensation for past and future pecuniary losses resulting from the unlawful employment practices described above, in amounts to be determined at
  3. Order Defendant to make whole Lt. Stelly by providing compensation for past and future nonpecuniary losses resulting from the unlawful practices complained of above, including but not limited to emotional and mental anguish, pain and suffering, humiliation, loss of enjoyment of life, in amounts to be determined at trial.


  1. Award attorney fees and costs in this


  1. Grant such further legal or equitable relief as the Court deems necessary and proper.


In accordance with Rules 38 and 39 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Plaintiff hereby requests a jury on all issues raised in the instant Complaint which may be tried by jury.

We expect to be following up this article with more details as we near the end of our long-term project of the promotional table we began once troopers alerted us to these trends.  At present, that table is about 50-60% complete.  Let’s provide its present status at this time:

Promotional Opportunity and Close DateName, Race, and Gender of Applicant SelectedName(s), Race(s), and Gender(s) of Other Eligibles Not Selected
Sergeant, Troop D (Lake Charles), 8/23/22.Julia Amanda Willis (WF)Daniel Fontenot (WM)
Andrew Leonardo (WM)
Alexander Wiltz (WM)
Brock Moses (WM)

CLICK HERE for promotional summaries.
Major, Statewide, BOI Criminal Investigations Division, April 6, 2022Treone Larvadain (BF)Robert Hodges (WM)
Heath Guillotte (WM)

CLICK HERE for promotional summaries.
Captain, Technical Support Services (Baton Rouge), 12/10/20Aaron Marcelle (BM)John Stelly (WM)
David Stelly (WM)
Adam Albright (WM)
Nicole Kilgore (WF)
Robert Burns (Asian Male)
Rodney Hyatt (Asian Male)
Matt Landry (WM)
Jonas Martin (WM)
Sergeant, Protective Services (Baton Rouge), 12/14/20John Doiron (WM)Christopher Leday (BM)
Damien McAlister (BM)
Joshua Nations (WM)
Sergeant, Troop I (Lafayette), 12/17/20Bobby Falcon (WM)Arnold Hanks (WM)
Christopher Theriot (WM)
Eric Regan (WM)
Jason Flack (WM)
Joseph Miller (WM)
Captain, Technology & Business Support (Baton Rouge), 1/4/21David Stelly (WM)John Stelly (WM)
Adam Albright (WM)
Nicole Kilgore (WF)
Robert Burns (Asian Male)
Rodney Hyatt (Asian Male)
Matt Landry (WM)
Jonas Martin (WM)
Mark Fontenot (WM)
Lieutenant, BOI (Statewide - Insurance Fraud, Auto Theft) , 1/25/21Michael Wilkerson (BM)Lawrence Zeller (WM)
Eric Adams (WM)
Lenias Marie (WM)
Ken Pevoto (WM)
Alan Arcana (WM)
Jesse Brown (WM)
Theodore Chantlin (BM)
Amanda Fournier (WM)
Paul Voitier, IV (WM)
Timothy Duncan (BM)

Lieutenant, BOI, Statewide (Insurance Fraud & Auto Theft), 1/25/21.Arnell Garner (BM)Ralph Onstad, Jr. (WM)
Huey Lee McCartney (WM)
William Bosworth (WM)
Justin Berry (WM)
Lenias Marie (WM)
Kirk J. Thibodeaux (WM)
Jesse Brown (WM)
Jessie Shelton (WM)
Sergeant, BOI (Gaming) Breaux Bridge, St. Martin area, 2/11/21.Paul Dubois (WM)Charity Knoblock (WM)
Jesse La Grange (WM)
Leon Defelice (WM)
Ronald Dawsey (WM)
Todd Christopher McConnell (WM)
Jason Flack (WM)
Timothy Barlow (BM)
Jacob Dickinson (WM)
Christopher Lee Mason (WM)
Sergeant (Patrol), Troop F (Monore), 2/11/21.Justin Stephenson (WM)Steven Painhower (WM)
David Cummings (WM)
Michael Williamson (WM)
Ryan Baker (WM)
James Olmstead (WM)
Robert Roach (WM)
William Woodward (WM)
Ronald Rhone (BM)
Emmanuel Cole DeLaSalle (WM)
Michael Reichardt (WM)
Captain, Baton Rouge (Police Logistical Services), 2/11/21.Nicole Kilgore (WF)John Stelly (WM)
Adam Albright (WM)
Roland Jude Mathews (WM)
Jason G. Jacob (WM)
Robert Burns II (Asian Male)
Lanny Bergeron (WM)
Matt Landry
Rodney Hyatt (Asian Male)
Captain, Public Affairs Recruiting (Baton Rouge), 1/12/21Nick Manale (WM)John Stelly (WM)
Adam Albright (WM)
Robert Burns II (Asian Male)
Rodney Hyatt (Asian Male)
Jonas Martin (WM)
Mark Fontenot (WM)
Lieutenant, Alexandria (Troop E), 1/14/21.Aaron Raines (WM)Justin Bertrand (WM)
Michael Nugent (WM)
Ed Jason Francis (WM)
Amanda Fournier (WF)
John David Jett (WM)
Lieutenant, Alexandria (Troop E), 1/21/21.Amanda Fournier (WF)Justin Bertrand (WM)
Michael Nugent (WM)
Ed Jason Francis (WM)
Aaron Raines (WM)
John David Jett (WM)
Major, Statewide, Bureau of Investigations, Criminal Investigations Division, 1/29/21Jason Turner (WM)William Bradford Cook (WM)
Heath Guillotte (WM)
Robert Hodges (WM)
Trevor Smith (WM)

Sergeant, Criminal Investigations Division, New Orleans Office, 1/21/21.Samuel Boyd (BM)Leander Journee (BM)
Brandon J. Beaudoin (WM)
Burnell Thompson III (BM)
Jeff Argave (WM)
John Martinez (Hispanic M)
Rhonda B. Trapani (WF)
Nicole Barbe (WF)
Russell Brue (WM)
Michael A. Mims (BM)
Sergeant, Criminal Intelligence Division - Insurance Fraud, Bossier City (Troop G), 1/21/21.James David Jernigan (WM)Lawrence Hartsfield (WM)
Jason Flack (WM)
Jullian Anderson (BM)
Glenn Allen Younger (WM)
Lieutenant, Lafayette (Troop I), 1/21/21.David Speyrer (WM)Samuel "Bart" Delino (WM)
Joshua Arvie (BM)
Scott Verret (WM)
LSP Pilot, Alexandria, 1/14/21.Joseph Dessens (WM)William Brady Cook (WM)
Erik Stratton (WM)
Erin Williams (BM)
Lieutenant, Bossier City (Troop G), 1/14/21.George Strickland (WM)Chad Finn (WM)
Hackley Willis (WM)
Paul J. Harris (WM)
Amanda Fournier (WF)
Lieutenant, Baton Rouge (SWAT Supervisor), 4/6/22.Philip Hanks (WM)Jason Lamarca (WM)
Prentiss Bellue (WM)
Emergency Response (TESS) Baton Rouge, Troop A, 2/11/22.Ryan Zimmerman (WM)Ryan Beard (WM)
Jeremy Broussard (WM)
Dylan Doucet (WM)
Ryan Fontenot (WM)
David Hernandez (WM)
Brady Johnson (WM)
Tommy Lea (WM)
Albert Martin (WM)
Ashton McRae (WM)
Timothy Moise (WM)
Derrick Parish (WM)
Jake Patin (WM)
Chad Richard (WM)
Jared Taylor (WM)
Sergeant, Troop B (Kenner), 2/8/22.Brian Melvin (WM)Michael Mims (BM)
Jared Taylor (WM)
Shawn Boyd, Sr. (BM)
Lance Lavigne (BM)
Cameron Crockett (WM)
Tagie Journee (BM)
Andrew Mai (Asian Male)
Sergeant, Monroe - BOI, Criminal Intelligence, 2/7/22.Daniel Grissom (WM)David Cummings (WM)
Ryan Baker (WM)
Nicholas Blake (WM)
Christopher Voinche (WM)
Jonathan Chapman (WM)
Lieutenant, Statewide (Patrol), 2/7/22.James Jefferson (BM)Walter Mire (WM)
Hackley Willis (WM)
Ryan Zimmerman (WM)
Prentiss Belle (WM)
Rhon Bordelon (WM)
Paul Harris (WM)
Sergeant, Troop G (Bossier), 1/26/22Bradley Choate (WM)Sterling Bret Davis (WM)
Justin Morris (WM)
Jayson Linebaugh (WM)
Cody Williams (WM)
Andrew Phillips (WM)
Melvin Massey (WM)
Sergeant, Troop G (Bossier), 1/26/22.Brandon Cobb (WM)Sterling Bret Davis (WM)
Justin Morris (WM)
Jayson Linebaugh (WM)
Cody Williams (WM)
Bradley Choate (WM)
Andrew Phillips (WM)
Melvin Massey (WM)
Lieutenant, Troop E (Alexandria), 1/21/22.Michael Nugent (WM)Ed J. Francis (WM)
Sergeant, Troop F (Monroe), BOI (Insurance Fraud), 1/13/22.Justin Morris (WM)David Cummings (WM)
Lawrence Hartsfield (WM)
Robert Roach (WM)
Kevin Knight (WM)
Captain, Baton Rouge (Crime Lab), 1/11/22.Chad Guidry (WM)Rodney Hyatt (Asian Male)
Lance Kennedy (WM)
Joseph Patout (WM)

Once we’ve completed the promotional table, we’ll start to work on the resignations table.  By our own admission, it has been (and will continue to be) a monumental task, but it looks like one or more attorneys may find all of our work just may make life easier on their ends.  We say that because, if what we hear is accurate, Stelly’s lawsuit is going to be far from the last one to be filed asserting claims similar to his.  Once they materialize, we will certainly report upon them just as we did for Stelly.

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4 thoughts on “Even as Louisiana State Police Commission issues directives for significant additional minority hiring, former LSP Trooper John Stelly files suit alleging reverse discrimination.”

  1. robert, at some point in your career as a watchdog, so to speak, you just might want to consider the whole picture of what is happening since the nazi democrats came to power by fraud in 2020…..wherever there is a democrat in power, no matter statewide, parish wide, or city wide…..there has been nothing but a total disregard for honesty or even a minute of sense used in all these governments and businesses…..the video clip i just witnessed showed to me what i and anybody with a first grade aptitude that this is exactly what i said above….in this video you have a lt. col. who is 100 pounds overweight and has not seen his feet in ten years nor bent over past a car door to open ….telling another person who is chairman of a commission that is populated by ignorant, suck on the tax payer tit, phony pseudo intellect out of place individuals to sit and gee and haw like a country farmer plowing in 1940……so…to repeat at some point, i think you should yourself look at what is going on since the democrats took over….as bribery is up 40,000 percent at every nook and cranny of this country….senators, reps, governors, judges, state legislators, state senators, sheriffs, supt. of education, school board members, city police chiefs, state police chiefs…..well, you get the idea and all this has already been shown to be very and sadly true…..but now…..now….we have in these united states of america the right to proclaim our own gender without any proof as in just say …hey….i am now a what…..with all this said, i am in wonderment that you have not step in and started interjecting some type of, albeit minor, realistic thoughts concerning demographics and job definitions……there are three states where a female can walk into a business or government entity and declare themselves a male and that will be accepted and has been passed to be allowed……and of course, you already know that a male can do the same and declare to be a female…..so…the bottom line is the state police and state government long ago opened up a lot of canned worms by just doing politics and getting votes as there is no honesty in louisiana if there ever was any when it came to just being honest and above board concerning all activities that are paid for by the tax payers of this state and this nation….and i am 78 years old so where is my cut of the pie????? i want to be a state trooper and since there is a certain percentage of us seniors in the state of louisiana, i want that percentage in the state police…..and since the race thing is an issue and since my friend is an indian, he wants to be a state trooper too and he is only 76; but, his grandson is an indian and he wants to be a state trooper too….and since there are a certain percentage of males proclaiming to be females they want their percentage too and since there is a certain percentage of bio female trans they want their percentage too……at this point i could go on and on…..hopefully, you will past the male and female thing and get into the real crux….additionally, why is an overweight colonel still working as he can not do anything but sit down and be what???? they dont want honesty…..they dont want a real law enforcement organization….the whole government is bribed up sold out peewees not caring about the people and the operation of a whole state including the paid off reps and senators …..it must start somewhere and you have a niche to start the real rehab of a whole state government..

  2. Wow… It has been a long time since anyone in the media has been willing to discuss the truth!!

    I have seen what is happening at LSP firsthand and it is ugly. For starters, you must admit what is going on is blatant racial discrimination. What is interesting is I suspect that Col. Davis is willing to admit as much, not because he wants to break the law, but because he thinks it is justified.

    To understand what is happening, you need to understand the real issue. It is simple math. African Americans represent about 30% of Louisiana’s population but only 16% of LSP. It is hard to argue with the idea that the demographic makeup of LSP should loosely follow that of the population of LA.

    Most government agencies went through this years ago and many made the exact same mistake LSP is making today. They all had someone like Col. Davis wake up one day, rolled over, and say OMG we have a problem. What these individuals don’t understand is the problem they are trying to fix was decades in the making and they are trying to fix it overnight.

    Their solution? Blatant racial discrimination. You couldn’t have a better example than is detailed in Mr. Burns’ post. Employing a strategy of rapid discrimination-based promotions creates two long-term problems. One, it destroys the morale of the agency. Secondly, it promotes incompetent people to key positions that will be there for decades to come. There will be a time when the next generation of LSP leaders (they very well be African American), is going to ask, “who in the hell promoted this idiot”.

    The main losers of this shortsighted strategy are hardworking white LSP officers and the people of Louisiana. But the biggest losers may be the highly qualified African American officers who have worked hard their entire careers and deserve everything they have ever gotten. Those individuals will spend the rest of their careers dealing with the perception that everything they have achieved is because of their skin color, not because they deserved it. Nothing could be further from the truth…

    1. you are making a mistake in saying 30 percent of louisiana is black which it is not…..also, hiring a person by color is so far out of our constitution it is amazing that anybody above a moron even gets into a discussion…..the best qualified gets the job…..black white green yellow red blue and so on….never never ever discuss color when talking about people getting jobs or promotions……color is not even on the chart…..qualifications…..qualifications….qualifications only only only only…none of this would be happening if people below the moronic level were not in position to hire or train…..and in this political state where politicians dont care about the people but about the almighty vote so they can get the almighty dollar.

  3. After watching several video’s from various commission meetings, I’m having a tough time figuring out chairman simien’s role. Is he, chairman of the commission, the commission attorney, lsp attorney, eeoc director, recruiting coordinator for lsp, director of the department of public safety, statistical analyzer for hiring practices or cheerleader for the promotion of more minorities over qualified candidates? That’s a lot of hats to wear. I’m confused.

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