Former Jindal Director of Media Operations Taylor Huckaby Sounds Off to provide a rare peek into the inner sanctum of Jindal’s administration.

Taylor Huckaby, former Director of Media Operations for former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.


Taylor Huckaby, a former member of Team Jindal who served as his director of media operations, recently wrote an op-ed piece in the Baton Rouge Advocate revealing some of the interactions between Jindal and his closest staff.  Far more revealing than even the preceding op-ed piece, however, was a July 9, 2015 interview with Statewide radio talk show host Jim Engster.  Huckaby readily exposed Jindal’s bigotry toward his fellow Indians and Jindal’s hypocrisy regarding state government transparency.  Engster did a superb job of asking the probing questions, and Huckaby answered them with unusual and rare candor, making him unique among Jindal current and former staffers.  The following audio clips are highlights of the Engster interview with Huckaby:


Huckaby reveals how he joined Team Jindal.


Huckaby reveals Jindal’s isolationist nature and the
tenacity of his gatekeepers. 



Huckaby explains Jindal’s priority of national perception
versus doing what’s best for Louisiana, Jindal’s obsession
with the utilization of
PRIVATE emails to obstruct
FOIA requests
from the media and public and, beginning
at the
1:24 mark, Huckaby explains how, at the 2011
election victory celebration, Jindal’s staff
that his Indian-American supporters standing behind
him on the platform be removed due to “bad optics.”



Huckaby states what life was like with the Jindal
administration once he revealed that he is gay to
key Jindal political adviser Timmy Teepell.


Huckaby outlines what he calls the “fringe
elements” of Jindal’s administration and explains
why it is
perfectly reasonable to expect that
Jindal performed an exorcism.


Huckaby first assesses whether Timmy Teepell has
done well in advising Gov. Jindal and then addresses
whether he (Huckaby) “respects Jindal as a person.”


Feel free to listen to the entire Jim Engster interview here.  Special thanks and kudos to Jim Engster and Taylor Huckaby for providing listeners with such a revealing interview and to fellow blogger C. B. Forgotston for quickly assessing its uniqueness from the vantage point of providing such a rare insight into Gov. Jindal’s inner sanctum.


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