Gov. Edwards appoints Kevin Martin to Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology despite his documented history of improperly enrolling adult cosmetology students in the Lafayette Parish School System, an action for which Attorney General Jeff Landry initiated an investigation.

Gov. John Bel Edwards’ newest Cosmetology Board Member, Kevin Martin.

Ten months ago, Sound Off Louisiana and KLFY (Lafayette Channel 10) both reported on the improper enrolling of adult students into the W. D. and Mary Smith Career Center (a public school in Lafayette Parish which buses in students from several area high schools) by its cosmetology instructor, Kevin Martin.  We’re repeating the video applicable for that feature below:

KLFY reveals the fact that Attorney General Jeff Landry launched an investigation into W. D. and Mary Smith cosmetology instructor Kevin Martin.

Investigation by Attorney General Jeff Landry notwithstanding, we received a report yesterday (Tuesday, March 19, 2019) that Gov. John Bel “Honor Code” Edwards has once again rewarded irresponsible conduct by naming Martin to the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology.  We were able to confirm that report to be true:

We’ll get this feature added to our newly-formed webpage of Louisiana Cosmetology Board corruption.

We’ll also add it as yet another entry on The Choice Is Clear LA.  Who knows?  Perhaps one day one of the two Republican candidates for Louisiana Governor may actually wake up and make use of many of the entries on the site.  Right now, however, they both seem extremely content to fly exclusively at 36,000 feet despite knowing that Edwards won the election in 2015 by focusing on something about as “down in the weeds” (i.e. Vitter’s prostitution proclivity) as anyone can get.

We firmly believe voters get motivated to vote by hearing a candidate address “down in the weeds” issues that have impacted their lives on a very personal and individual level.  Those people also have relatives and friends who are familiar with their circumstances and tend to share in their misgivings entailing actions such as Governor Edwards has taken on the site linked in the preceding paragraph and tend to vote for a candidate who has addressed their concerns about Edwards’ actions.  We also believe that’s why in EVERY State of the Union address, individuals are singled out for recognition as having a problem which has either been resolved or action taken to advance that resolution by the sitting President, and Trump gave a masterful demonstration of that segment during his most-recent State of the Union address.

Regrettably, we’ve notated little to no interest on the part of either Republican candidate running against Edwards to emphasize “down in the weeds” actions on Edwards’ part.  In fact, quite a few individuals have point-blank told us they have little to no enthusiasm for supporting either of Edwards’ opponents as a result of that perception of indifference to matters very important to them.

In our firm opinion, if that perception isn’t successfully changed by at least one of the Republican candidates for Governor in Louisiana long before October 12, 2019, we firmly believe that the voter participation level for the Governor’s race will reach an all-time low (it was already unbelievably low for the 2015 race) and, if that turns out to be the case, we can all get ready to endure another four years of the same recurring actions on Gov. Edwards’ part that are featured on this post and outlined on the link provided three paragraphs above!

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