Gov. Edwards’ auction board appointee Jeff Henderson poised to face uncle, business associates testifying against him in Federal civil fraud litigation.

JAH Enterprises (d/b/a Henderson Auctions) CEO and Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards Auction License Board Appointee Jeff Henderson.

It’s been over four months since our post entailing the scathing ruling issued by U. S. Judge Shelly Dick regarding Federal civil fraud litigation entailing Gov. Edwards’ Louisiana Auction Licensing Board (LALB) appointee Jeff Henderson.


Henderson is the son of Henderson Auctions’ founder, convicted felon Marvin Henderson.  Only days after our post, the Baton Rouge Business Report published an extensive article entailing Marvin Henderson’s problematic past.  The article also outlined highpoints of Federal civil fraud litigation entailing Henderson Auctions and BLH Equipment, an LLC controlled by a Mississippi businessman and former Henderson business associate James Blake Everett.  The Business Report even revealed the following details about allegedly secret payments which Marvin Henderson instructed Everett to make to him or persons on his behalf:


“In July, Everett’s attorney filed another exhibit, this one called ‘Advances to Marvin for his Girlfriends‘ (bold emphasis is ours). The handwritten ledger shows dates and amounts for 10 additional alleged payments—in cash and cashier’s checks—to Marvin Henderson or to women on Henderson’s behalf (bold emphasis ours). That exhibit alleges that all told, BLH Equipment paid $141,519.68 to Marvin Henderson between July 2, 2013, and Feb. 7, 2014.”


In our current feature, we outline some interesting developments revealed in Federal Court filings on May 31, 2017 entailing Jeff Henderson’s uncle (and Marvin’s brother), Dale Henderson, (and other Henderson associates, past and present) being expected to be called as witnesses by BLH/Everett and  to testify against Marvin, Jeff, and Janet Henderson Cagley (Marvin’s daughter) in the trial presently scheduled for January 8, 2018:


Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns covers discovery material filed into Federal Court on May 31, 2017 entailing witnesses expected to be called by BLH Equipment and James Blake Everett as well as what those witnesses are expected to testify regarding.


We will soon be continuing this feature with some absolutely fascinating deposition testimony wherein Marvin Henderson was the deponent.  Those will be VERY interesting segments, we guarantee!!


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One thought on “Gov. Edwards’ auction board appointee Jeff Henderson poised to face uncle, business associates testifying against him in Federal civil fraud litigation.”

  1. Wow, I find your news updates on the criminality within the LA government most informative. This latest info on Henderson was something I would have never known about had it not been for the “Sound Off” email and video.

    Thank you for keeping the public informed.

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