In a move driven by efficiency and improvement, we’re ushering our viewers toward our homepage and jettisoning email alerts for previous subscribers.

Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns explains why the blog is jettisoning its email distribution system and the whole concept of “subscribers.”

In today’s very brief Sound Off Louisiana feature, and in a first-of-its-kind “housekeeping” post, founder Robert Burns outlines precisely why the blog is jettisoning the whole concept of “subscribers” and corresponding email alerts for those subscribers:

1/31/24:  Burns provides rationale for jettisoning email distribution and the whole concept of “subscribers.”

We will continue to provide the direct link for Sound Off Louisiana features for YouTube subscribers (of which there are actually more than blog subscribers) in the description of the video. Anyone is welcome to subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.  If you don’t have a YouTube account, you can readily create a free one by clicking here.

As Burns states on the video above, we are very excited about this new change as we believe it will make the blog far more efficient and productive!

As stated near the end of the video, we’ll have an LSP post tomorrow (Thursday, February 1, 2024).

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