JBE appointee implodes in LSP “wrongful death” trial. Does she thereafter carry vendetta against her harsh critics?

Darlene Jacobs-Levy, plaintiff attorney in LSP “wrongful death” suit and member of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board


In the most recent Sound Off Louisiana post, founder Robert Burns discusses an unfortunate incident wherein a former Louisiana State Police (LSP) Trooper, Philip Tagliarino, had to take the life of Andrew Arway after Tagliarino feared that his own life may end from the stop.  Burns assesses the performance of the lead plaintiff attorney in the wrongful death suit of Arway’s widow, Darlene Jabobs-Levy, who is also an appointee of Gov. John Bel Edwards to the Auctioneer’s Licensing Board (Warning:  the opening segment of the video below contains the actual traffic stop and subsequent firing of his weapon by Trooper Tagliarino):


Burns analyzes Jacobs-Levy’s courtroom performance.
Support Documents:
Bankruptcy trustee’s order to hire Jacobs-Levy.
Louisiana Inspector General report entailing LALB’s permitting payroll fraud.
Recorded phone call between Robert Burns and Darlene Jacobs-Levy
on May 6, 2016, the day after Gov. Edwards terminated Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips from the LALB.
Consent Judgment entailing restrictions on Jacobs-Levy’s reference to police officers in opening and closing arguments.








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4 thoughts on “JBE appointee implodes in LSP “wrongful death” trial. Does she thereafter carry vendetta against her harsh critics?”

  1. It seems to me that there has been some colluding going on against Rev. Freddie Lee Philips.
    Personally I believe this matter (New Evidence) needs to be brought to the Governor himself, giving him the opportunity to make this wrong right.
    We need more good men like Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips sitting on boards to Drain The Swamp!!

  2. Edwards is a total joke, and his statements on this video demonstrate he’s also a pompous egomaniac. He said he had to remove someone, so he removed Phillips. We’ll be removing somebody in two years, Governor. Any idea who?

  3. I could not listen to the recorded phone call. WMP window shows “cannot access the file”. Was it removed or perhaps just blocked? A transcript of what was said evidently Is the only way I may absorb what she says.
    As far as Jacobs-Levy is concerned, all attorneys lie. Their job is to lie not only in the courtroom but outside of it as well.

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