JBE’s Dardenne appointment has estimated $615,000 impact on state employees’ retirement system’s unfunded accrued liability (UAL).



Sound Off Louisiana today published its second entry onto its sister website, JBEfraud.com: the estimated $615,000 impact of Jay Dardenne’s appointment to the state retiree system’s UAL.  The material presented is duplicated below:

January 9, 2016
Robert Burns outlines the second entry on JBEfraud.com:  The $615,000 impact on the state retirees’ UAL resulting from the appointment of Jay Dardenne as Commissioner of Administration at a salary of $237,000/year.  CLICK HERE for the detailed computations of Dardenne’s UAL impact.  CLICK HERE to obtain a first-hand demonstration of the damage of a Category 4 hurricane, which Burns has now assessed JBE’s pending term in office to be as a result of early signals of how JBE will govern (i.e. the Edmonson re-appointment, the fiscal irresponsibility of the Dardenne appointment, the removing of the requirement that able-bodied 18-49 year olds with NO DEPENDENTS be required to either work or enroll in job training to continue receiving food stamp benefits, etc.)   Finally, Burns issues challenge to the tag-team of JBE / Dardenne by  proposing a mechanism to rein in these exorbitant golden parachutes for fat cats like  Dardenne since both Dardenne and Edwards SAY that, for the upcoming special session  “all options are on the table.”





Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy stresses his strong belief that
Louisiana “does not have a revenue problem but instead has a spending
problem.”   He also emphasizes that “no matter how high we raise taxes, we’ll
never solve our budget problems until we change our spending practices but will instead
go from one budget crisis to another.”  Kennedy SPECIFICALLY addresses
items such as the Dardenne appointment from the
4:55 – 5:20 mark of the above video!

As always, the entire historical tracking of JBE’s actions is available at JBEfraud.com.



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