Kelsey Delatte alleges she was raped by Councilman’s son, provides audio evidence of Sheriff Webre all but acknowledging it along with him “victim shaming” her by stating “nobody believes her,” challenging her to have “Kiran (Chawla) come on…..Come on Chris (Nakamoto).”

Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre.

The following video is self-produced by Kelsey Delatte, who alleges that she was raped by an Ascension Parish Councilman’s son on October 2, 2021:

Kelsey Delatte provides brief video describing an alleged rape and the immediate aftermath.

In the following video, Ascension Parish Sheriff Candidate C. J. Matthews addresses how the matter was handled by incumbent Sheriff Bobby Webre and District Attorney Ricky Babin:

September 26, 2023:  C. J. Matthews explains the circumstances of Delatte’s alleged rape and the subsequent handling of the matter by incumbent Sheriff Bobby Webre and District Attorney Ricky Babin.

As referenced near the end of the above video, we are providing separately the audio recordings of Webre which are contained in the video above.  Here they are in the order Matthews spoke of them:

Webre reveals to Delatte that, “they found three drugs in your system.”

As noted in the Matthews video above, Delatte is adamant that she does not use any non-prescription drugs at all, and Matthews indicates that Webre, “came close to accusing her of using drugs.”

In the above audio, a friend of Delatte’s indicates, “did they drug her?”  She then describes that as, “great news,” to which Webre replies, “You think so?”

The reality, however, is that Webre apparently had no idea how to read a simple toxicology report!

We have examined the toxicology report, and it reveals the presence of nothing more than ethanol at a rate of 95 mg/dL (milligrams per deci liter).  Her Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) was 0.095 g/mL (grams per milli liter), which is slightly above the legal driving limit of 0.08 g/mL.

Delatte reports that the samples were taken after a protracted period and also after episodes of vomiting.  Both factors may have likely contributed to a relatively low BAC at the time of the sample vs. what it may have been at the time she alleges she was raped.  What’s disturbing, however, is Webre point-blank falsely stating that, “they found three drugs in your system!”  Nevertheless, the audio file above is very clear, and it’s clearly his voice saying it!

Further, someone on the audio above seems to say, “the report I got says blood alcohol.”  We are aware of only one report, so apparently, that individual, whomever he is, is able to actually read a toxicology report!

Now for the audio in which Matthews indicates Webre “victim shamed” Delatte and, when Delatte indicated that maybe the media needed to become involved, Webre bristled and said, “Come on Kiran (Chawla) come see the file…..Come on Chris (Nakamoto)…..”

Webre becomes pretty irate when Delatte expresses frustration at the lack of progress on prosecution on her case and, after referencing that she may need to get the media involved, Webre challenges her to do so in stating, “Kiran (Chawla) come see the file…..Chris (Nakamoto), come see the file.”

Subsequent to the filming of the video above, Delatte also provided an audio clip of Webre appearing to all but acknowledge that Delatte was in fact raped.  Let’s listen to that four-second clip:

Webre is heard clearly stating, “that still don’t give him the right to rape her.”

 As she states in the initial video to this feature, Delatte has been very frustrated at the manner in which her entire matter has been handled.  On July 21, 2023, she made a public records request of Webre’s office for, “all documentation concerning the telephone records of Sheriff Robert “Bobby” Webre from October 2, 2021-October 31, 2021.”  The response the Sheriff’s Office provided follows (at least he placed that one on letterhead!):

As we mention in the video above, we look forward to delivering segment two of the Delatte matter in coming days!

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  1. My daughter was raped. DNA, rape kit, lacerations, etc. The POS ADMITTED TO IT, and Ricky Babin and Phil Maples dropped his bond to $25k. While he was out on bond, he assaulted two other women and was AGAIN bonded out. Even after this, when rapist didn’t show up for a court date, Maples asked for a continuation FOR THE DEFENSE. This rapist was offered a MISDEMEANOR plea deal. All of this was done BEHIND the victim’s back. NO COMMUNICATION. Formal complaints are being filed. The DA’s office blocked my email and Babin refused to speak to us. Guess what? The rapist’s brother is an officer and his family has influence, so now the rapist is free to assault other women.

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