LSP Chief of Staff Cain admits no administrative investigation commenced for alleged domestic abuser Satcher until soon after Col. Kevin Reeves’ departure.

LSP Trooper Michael Lynn Satcher, II

On September 10, 2020, we broke the story of LSP’s extreme secrecy entailing the in-custody death of Ronald Greene.  As we predicted at the bottom of the feature, the Greene incident soon got national and international coverage which led to a series of events to include:  1) the near-immediate notification to the late-LSP Trooper Christopher Hollingsworth that he would be terminated as a result of his role in the death of Greene; 2) Hollingsworth’s single-car-incident death mere hours after receiving his notice of intent to be terminated, with his death certificate indicating that he died as the result of an “accident;” and 3) the retirement of former LSP Col. Kevin Reeves after he was added as a defendant to a Federal civil suit entailing Greene’s death.  That suit alleges that Greene’s death was the direct result of extreme excessive force deployed by one or more LSP troopers and/or sheriff deputies and further alleges upon a subsequent amendment adding Reeves as a defendant  that Reeves knew of the means by which Greene died and aided and abetted an alleged cover-up of that death.

Perhaps because LSP Command Staff continued for months to portray Greene’s death as the result of an accident after his vehicle veered off the road after a multi-parish chase, there appears to be little evidence that any administrative investigation transpired until after Greene’s death and the circumstances surrounding his death began to be exposed in the media.

On November 4, 2020, we alerted our subscribers and the public at large about the status of LSP Trooper Michael Satcher, II’s prosecution for alleged domestic abuse of his dating partner, who is identified in the Bill of Information pertaining to his charges as Cynthia Chapman.

As our feature points out, it would be an understatement to state that the entries on the Rapides Parish Clerk of Court system entailing Satcher’s charges are confusing largely because of an entry on the system indicating that, upon motion of Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office (Landry had to become prosecutor because Rapides Parish DA Phillip Terrell recused himself due to his “close friendship” with Satcher), the domestic abuse charge was nolle prossed (i.e. not prosecuted).

When we reached out to Landry’s Office, however, the attorney handling Satcher’s prosecution, John Russell, IV, emphatically stated that is “not correct.”  From that feature:

As is evidenced by Russel’s correspondence, he indicates, “the lesser charges were technically nolle procssed because I upgraded them to felony offenses.”

As we indicated in the feature, we’ll continue to monitor Satcher’s criminal case in Rapides Parish.  In the meantime, the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC) placed on its agenda for Thursday, November 12, 2020, an item to approve placing Satcher on leave without pay.  As we have previously reported, Satcher’s time sheets covering mid-September to early October of 2020 depict him as being on “forced annual leave.”  Let’s take a look at the LSPC segment from November 12, 2020 entailing Satcher:

LSP Trooper Michael Lynn Satcher’s placement on leave without pay is presented to and discussed by the LSPC at its meeting of November 12, 2020.

As is readily apparent on the above video (in fact, to be precise, beginning at the 3:07 mark), LSPC Trooper Member Robert Mire inquires as to whether the Department is waiting for the prosecution of Satcher’s criminal charges to conclude prior to launching an administrative investigation.  Newly-installed LSP Chief of Staff, Doug Cain, responds with, “No.  We began an administrative investigation this week.”  

We can therefore logically conclude that, just as Reeves apparently saw no need to convene any meaningful administrative investigation of Greene’s death (or perhaps did so but wasn’t happy with the findings and thus may have done as he has been alleged to have done in the Federal suit and actively engaged in a cover-up operation of the nature of Greene’s death), he likewise apparently saw no need to initiate an administrative investigation into Satcher’s alleged domestic abuse charges.  Perhaps newly-installed LSP Colonel, Lamar Davis, views the matter a tad differently based upon Cain’s response to Mire’s inquiry.

We have spoken with several sources with integral knowledge of just what transpired on October 12, 2019, the day of Satcher’s arrest for the domestic abuse charges.  We deem these sources to be extremely reliable, so we now provide an itemization of just what they indicate to us went down:

  • Satcher allegedly showed up at Chapman’s home shouting in a very loud voice demanding the key to his truck and some other items;
  • Satcher allegedly then shouted to Chapman, “Please don’t make me call the police.  I’m not going to lose my job over this.”;
  • Satcher then stated to Chapman, “You are crazy.  You will do this to me,”;
  • Satcher then allegedly indicated by, “swearing on my kids’ life” that he would call the police on Chapman;
  • Satcher then allegedly began banging on glass to a door to Chapman’s home, at which time Chapman told him to, “Stop it!  You do not break into my home!”;
  • Chapman then allegedly indicated to Satcher that she did not have any of his belongings and ordered him to leave;
  • Satcher and Chapman allegedly then continued to counter one another about whether or not Chapman had possession of anything belonging to Satcher;
  • Chapman allegedly repeated to Satcher several times that she had “already returned your things earlier,” to which Satcher accused Chapman of “lying,” by her statement that she had done so;
  • Satcher then allegedly went toward another door to enter the home, after which an altercation ensued;

Upon hearing the specifics of the request for leave without pay and the apparent exhaustion of all of Satcher’s other leave available to him, we modified a previous public records request seeking all time sheets depicting “forced annual leave” from the period of October 12, 2019 forward to simply ask for all of his time sheets from October 12, 2019 forward irrespective of what is depicted on the time sheets.  LSP supplied us with that documentation at 1:30 p.m. today (Thursday, November 19, 2020).

Sather’s time sheets reflect him being on “other leave” in the days leading up to his arrest.  He remained on “other leave” through Wednesday, December 4, 2019, on which day his hours were split as four (4) for “other leave” and six (6) as “compensatory time.”  He then remained on “compensatory time” from December 4, 2019 through Friday, February 7, 2020, on which day his time sheet reflects nine (9) hours of “compensatory leave” and one (1) hour of “(forced) annual leave.”  He has remained on
“(forced) annual leave” through the final date on the time sheets provided, which is October 29, 2020.

Based upon the statement on the video above that Satcher’s next court hearing is “sometime in February,” it would appear that he will be both on leave without pay and under a protective order prohibiting him from carrying a firearm for a rather extended period.

We think it’s pretty clear what our opinion is entailing Col. Reeves’ tenure as LSP Colonel.  After all, we  openly called for his resignation as far back as March 4, 2020 (see “as for Col. Reeves”).  We’ll let our subscribers decide if Reeves’ apparent indifference to the Satcher matter further makes the case for the call we issued to him way back then to simply “resign in disgrace!”

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2 thoughts on “LSP Chief of Staff Cain admits no administrative investigation commenced for alleged domestic abuser Satcher until soon after Col. Kevin Reeves’ departure.”

    1. Your understanding is correct. We received notification late yesterday (Tuesday, December 22, 2020) that he resigned effective Friday, December 18, 2020 and we confirmed as much with LSP officials, to wit:

      From: Chavez Cammon
      Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2020 10:23 AM
      To: [email protected]
      Cc: Faye Morrison ; Nick Manale
      Subject: RE: Seeking Confirmation of the Resignation of Michael Satcher, II from LSP

      Mr. Burns,

      Yes, Trooper Satcher resigned on December 18.

      Capt. Chavez Cammon
      Louisiana State Police
      Public Affairs / Recruiting Sections

      From: [email protected]
      Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2020 7:23 PM
      To: Nick Manale
      Cc: Faye Morrison ; Chavez Cammon
      Subject: Seeking Confirmation of the Resignation of Michael Satcher, II from LSP

      Col. Manale:

      Moments ago I received notification that LSP Trooper Michael Lynn Satcher, II has resigned from Louisiana State Police. Can you confirm that report for me? Thanks.

      Robert Edwin Burns, founder and author
      [email protected]

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