LSP trooper attorney Floyd Falcon moves for LSP Col. Kevin Reeves’ testimony to be stricken based upon an alleged violation of sequestration order.

Louisiana State Police Col. Kevin Reeves, who was accused of violating a sequestration order by attorney Floyd Falcon, testifies at an appeal hearing for three troopers transpiring before the Louisiana State Police Commission on Friday, July 13, 2018.

Friday, July 13, 2018 was the third day of a four-day appeal hearing wherein three LSP troopers are appealing the discipline meted upon them by LSP Col. Kevin Reeves for a “Las Vegas side trip” pertaining to an LSP convention held in October of 2016.

 As we made clear in our post of the previous day, the mainstream media was TOTALLY fixated on the testimony of former LSP Col. Mike Edmonson.  We stated in that feature that we believed that to be a misguided focus, but our subscribers are welcome to view that testimony.  Be forewarned, however, that we found it to fully meet our expectations of being:  #1) irrelevant (it has been substantiated beyond any shadow of a doubt that Edmonson approved the side trip without the need for a word to be uttered from his mouth), #2) boring, and #3) useless.  Thus, we aren’t going to waste even another keystroke commenting on it.

A far more intriguing development transpired at the hearing, however.  That development was the troopers’ attorney, Floyd Falcon, making the assertion that LSP Col. Kevin Reeves had violated an order of sequestration prohibiting witnesses discussing their testimony or watching or reading media coverage of the hearing.  He therefore moved for Reeves’ “testimony to be stricken in its totality.”  Let’s see how that played out:


Falcon moves for Reeves’ testimony to be stricken from the record in its entirety, and referee Lenore Feeney is forced to rule on his motion.


Perhaps Falcon felt the need to make the motion because most observers felt Reeves had a fairly authoritative presentation and, just as Falcon did not mince his words in placing the blame for any LSP embarrassment on former LSP Col. Mike Edmonson, Reeves presented his arguments that individual troopers are expected to adhere to a much higher standard than that which was exhibited by the three troopers entailing the side trip, including Reeves’ repeated statements that “common sense” should have dictated that the “Las Vegas vacation side trip” not be taken.  Here is a video clip of highlights of Reeves’ testimony:

Highlights of LSP Col. Kevin Reeves’ testimony before the LSPC on Friday, July 13, 2018.  CLICK HERE for Reeves’ testimony in its entirety (less the Falcon motion above).

The hearing is expected to conclude on Monday, and we’ll provide our subscribers with the same detailed daily coverage as we’ve done for the hearing’s prior three days.

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