LSPC, as promised, sends scathing letter to Ouachita Parish School Board over retention of football coach who forced LSP trooper’s son to drink vodka, assaulted him thereafter when he threw up.

Former Sterlington High School Football Coach Jack Goode, now a teacher at West Monroe High School.

Sound Off Louisiana subscribers should easily recall our coverage of the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC) appeal hearing of LSP Trooper Joseph Jones.  Thereafter, we reported on apparent fallout of that appeal concerning the vote cast by LSP active trooper Jeffrey Foss.  As subscribers recall, the LSPC committed to issuing a letter to the Ouachita Parish School Board lambasting its decision to retain former Sterlington High School football coach Jack David Goode.  As part of a plea agreement, Goode is no longer football coach nor teacher at Sterlington High School; however, he was awarded a teaching position at West Monroe High School subsequent to an incident which led to his arrest.  Goode was arrested for having provided alcohol to his football players, demanding that Trooper Jones’ son, Chandler, consume vodka against his wishes, and later assaulting Chandler twice upon him throwing up after his system was unable to tolerate the volume of vodka that Goode insisted he consume.

The LSPC issued the letter, which was received by OPSB officials on Monday, September 10, 2018.  A three-minute video of the LSPC’s lambasting of the OPSB and an embedded copy of the letter with some selective highlighting on our part are provided below:

LSPC lambasting OPSB Members at its meeting of August 9, 2018.

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