LSPC member (and active LSP trooper) Jeffrey Foss issues scathing letter to LSTA President Jay O’Quinn over “inappropriate, unprofessional, and disrespectful outburst” of LSTA Executive Director David Young entailing August appeal hearings.

LSPC Active Trooper Member Jeffrey Foss

We can state one thing for certain:  the controversy surrounding the August 9, 2018 appeals heard by the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC) did not end with the conclusion of the meeting!

The video on the previous feature has managed to be our # 1 most watched video (on an average per day basis) during the first 14 days its been released.  As of the drafting of this feature, an astounding 853 unique views of the video have transpired, or an average of 61 unique viewers per day.

As most subscribers are aware, the appeals entailed #1) the “Vegas four,” appeal and, #2) an appeal of LSP Trooper Joseph Jones entailing high school football coach Jack Goode and his:  a) inviting Jones’ son, Chandler, to his home, b) serving alcohol to his son to include vodka, c) insisting that Chandler drink the vodka despite his protests that he didn’t want to, and d) physically assaulting Chandler and referencing him as a “pussy” upon him throwing up when his system could not tolerate the volume of vodka Goode forced him to drink.

The actions taken on the appeals are summarized in the following table:


LSP TrooperInitial DisciplineLSPC-appealed Discipline
Alexandr Nezgodinsky (Vegas 4)Letter of CounselingN/A:  Letters of Counseling are NOT appealable to the LSPC.
Thurman Miller (Vegas 4)Letter of ReprimandLetter rescinded and matter expunged from personnel file.
Derrell Williams (Vegas 4)Demotion in rank.40-hour suspension.
Rodney Hyatt (Vegas 4)Demotion in rank.500-hour suspension
Joseph Jones (incident with Coach Goode).40-hour suspension12-hour suspension.  Motion by Commissioner Riecke to merely issue letter of reprimand failed by a vote of 2-4.


Although it went unnoticed by Sound Off Louisiana (quite likely in our rush to leave and return to Baton Rouge and begin uploading videos), an incident soon after the meeting arose which prompted a scathing letter on the part of LSPC trooper member Jeffrey Foss.  The letter speaks for itself, so we’ll present it with some excerpts highlighted for emphasis:


While it is not known whether Young’s open questioning of Foss was directed at Foss’ vote on the “Vegas Four” or Trooper Jones, we believe logic dictates that it is directed at the Jones decision.  Why?  Because the LSPC was in lockstep on its “Vegas Four” votes; however, on the Jones matter, members Jared Riecke and Harold Pierite were resolute in their votes that Jones be issued a letter of reprimand and no suspension be applicable at all.  Meanwhile, commissioners Knapp, who was serving at his first meeting, Crawford, and Simien were in favor of the 12-hour suspension, which Col. Reeves actually recommended in what is commonly viewed as an historic recommendation by a sitting LSP Colonel that an initial discipline handed down be reduced by the LSPC.  Reeves explained his request by stating that the committee which originally recommended the 40-hour suspension later had “buyer’s remorse.”

At any rate, had Foss voted with Riecke and Pierite, the vote would have been a 3-3 tie, a situation in which we do not know what the resolution would have been.  It should be mentioned that commissioner Nelson Cantrell has not been present for the last several meetings and appears to all but have “checked out” of his duties as LSPC commissioner although he remains listed on the LSPC’s website as an active commissioner.

In order to provide our subscribers (and all LSP troopers) an opportunity to judge for themselves Foss’ vote on the Jones matter, at this time, we present a video of his commentary entailing his vote in its entirety:

Foss discusses his vote entailing the appeal of Joseph Jones.

We also received what we believe to be credible reports that a movement may be in place by Monroe troopers to commence with a recall effort entailing Commissioner Foss.  We initiated several phone calls to attempt to substantiate those reports.  We spoke with LSP Lieutenant Eric Cuenca of Troop F in Monroe, LSP Trooper Michael Reichardt (LSP Troop F Public Information Officer), and also LSTA Executive Director David Young (prior to us having knowledge of or receiving the letter highlighted above).  All three indicated that they could not “confirm nor deny” any such effort and emphasized that, if such an effort is even in the embryo state, it is transpiring at the “grass roots” level, and they do not have any first-hand knowledge of such an undertaking.  Young also emphasized that he is not even sure a provision exists for recalling an LSPC member, and we admitted to being uninformed entailing that subject matter as well.

Finally, we should emphasize that an awful lot of folk are anxiously awaiting the letter which the LSPC has committed to send to the Ouachita Parish School Board entailing its disdain for its action of retaining Coach Goode regarding the Jones matter above.  We anticipate that letter being read into the record at the September 13, 2018 LSPC meeting.  We’ll videotape that reading and obtain a copy of the letter and will disseminate it soon after that meeting.  Stay tuned folks, we believe things are about to get really interesting!


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