Mona Hardin, Ronald Greene’s mother, likens Louisiana State Police Troop F to “modern-day KKK;” asserts goal was to “run out clock” to bar wrongful death civil action against State Police.

Mona Hardin, mother of Ronald Greene, who was a guest on a Zoom meeting of the Louisiana ACLU of Monday, May 3, 2021 during which she shared her concerns about Louisiana State Police’s alleged murder of her son on or about May 10, 2019.

Yesterday soon after the noon hour, we received an invitation to a Zoom meeting transpiring at 6:00 p.m. CDT of the Louisiana ACLU Justice Lab.  We received the invitation from Ms. Belinda Parker-Brown, whom we’ve frequently provided a forum at Sound Off Louisiana for her and her organization, Louisiana United International, to air concerns about allegations of “predatory policing” and prison conditions in Louisiana.

We attended the Zoom meeting, and we’d like to share with everyone what the meeting was touted to be about.  From our invitation email:

Tonight at 6 PM ET we’re hosting a virtual town hall featuring the family of Ronald Greene and Aaron Bowman. Mr. Greene and Mr. Bowman were brutally beaten by Louisiana State Police 10 days apart – Mr. Greene was killed, and Bowman has sustained serious injuries. Together we’ll be discussing how Louisiana officials and lawmakers can respond to demands for police accountability and justice.

One of the revelations we learned from watching and listening to Hardin which heretofore we were unaware is that the family still has not viewed the full body cam video of Ronald Green’s arrest and the beating he endured.

We have followed both Greene’s case and that of Aaron Bowman very closely, so if we weren’t aware of that fact, we feel certain that the average Louisiana citizen (and others) were under a false impression after a news conference was held touting that the family had been provided an opportunity to view the full video.  Instead, Hardin revealed last night that the Greene family has only been provided with “snippet” clips of the arrest.

Hardin also indicated that, seven months after her son’s death, there had been no push to have the FBI investigate her son’s death, and she contends LSP’s primary goal was to “run out the clock” to block any effort on the part of Greene’s family to file a civil action against LSP.  Also, without naming Gov. Edwards by name, she indicates that, “higher ups in political seats” in Louisiana government have seen the video but nevertheless they continue to “turn their backs” on her family and permit her family to “go through hell.”  Let’s take a look at this fascinating presentation by Hardin:

Mona Hardin elaborates on what the Greene family’s life has been like after his death and her frustrations at the stonewalling of LSP and governmental officials to provide her family with answers regarding his death.

Next up was a first-person account from Aaron Bowman, who was also allegedly viciously beaten by LSP Troopers within 10 days of the Greene incident.  Immediately after Bowman’s account, Hardin concluded by stating that LSP’s Troop F is akin to a “modern-day KKK” and referencing that LSP’s Troop F is “evil.”  Here’s that segment of the meeting:

Aaron Bowman provides his first-person account of the brutality of LSP’s confrontation with him upon him returning from a quick shopping trip to the Dollar store and thereafter Hardin has some pretty harsh words for LSP’s Troop F after hearing Bowman’s recounting of his experience with LSP.

Next up was Louisiana ACLU’s Stephanie Willis providing an update on House Bill 430 by Rep. Ted James (D-Baton Rouge) to modify Louisiana Police Officers’ Bill of Rights.  Here’s that commentary:

Louisiana ACLU’s Stephanie Willis provides update on Rep. Ted James’ bill to modify provisions in Louisiana’s police officer Bill of Rights.

Next up, two of the Louisiana-based attorneys representing Greene and Bowman, Ron Haley and Doneca Banks-Miley, provide their commentary on the incidents.  Haley states that, because of the civil actions, they find themselves in “legal purgatory,” and further names former LSP Col. Kevin Reeves as having “cut his teeth” in Troop F and that his son is “a part of Troop F.”  He also states that, “any cover-up as it pertains to what happened had to get their direction or the blind eye turned from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.”  Let’s take a look at their commentary now:

Haley and Banks-Miley provide their commentary on the Greene & Bowman matters.

Finally, the Louisiana ACLU gave special thanks to Parker-Brown for having provided video graphic evidence of an alleged excessive force incident entailing St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Deputies.  Let’s take a look at that video:

Parker-Brown is recognized for her role in providing evidence to support this Federal lawsuit filed on 5/3/21.

CLICK HERE to see the Zoom meeting in its entirety.

We sincerely appreciate the invitation extended by Parker-Brown and ACLU officials, and we trust our subscribers and site visitors find the meeting to be as intriguing as we did.

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