Newly-elected LSPC Chairman Simien lashes out at audience (Leon “Bucky” Millet) about “decorum,” notwithstanding that its own members have engaged in outrageous conduct & decorum!

Newly-elected LSPC Chairman Eulis Simien, Jr.


At its regular meeting of Thursday, November 9, 2017, the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC) elected a new Chairman to replace disgraced former Chairman T. J. Doss, who resigned soon after Sound Off Louisiana’s Robert Burns videotaped him exiting a movie theater and checking into the Watermark hotel with LSPC Vice Chairman Monica Manzella (who also resigned in disgrace) within hours of the prior LSPC meeting of August 10, 2017.  In fact, it was their outlandish conduct that triggered their resignations that, in turn, caused the LSPC not to be able to convene a quorum for its September 8, 2017 and October 13, 2017 meetings.


That new Chairman is Eulis Simien, Jr..  Simien wasted no time implementing the apparent audience-unfriendly tone we can only assume will be the norm going forward.  He did so when Burns merely asked for a repeat by LSPC attorney Lenore Feeney of the “new” reason by which she justified the LSPC going into Executive Session.  The only thing that is known is that the agenda item dealt with “the matter of Investigation of LSTA (Louisiana State Trooper Association) Political Contributions.”  Feeney stated prior to the exit for executive session that the justification for doing so was “pending litigation.”  However, Burns challenged that reason and stated that he believed that convening an executive session for “pending litigation” when there is no “pending litigation” would likely be an “inappropriate” action by the LSPC.  Feeney nevertheless stated her resolve that the internal docket number on the agenda “would be interpreted to be ‘pending litigation’ before the LSPC.”


According to several audience members, prior to regular session reconvening, Feeney indicated that the reason for executive session was being “changed” to “investigative proceedings regarding allegations of misconduct.”  Because that disclosure was made rather matter-of-factly and informally before regular session could be formally reconvened, Burns asked newly-elected Chairman Simien if Feeney could restate the reason in order that it could be captured on film.  Simien flatly denied Burns’ simple request; furthermore, he did so in a rather terse and bordering on belligerent manner.


Additionally, Simien was far from letting his high-horse display of crassness end with his terse commentary to Burns.  He subsequently decided to place long-time LSPC critic, veteran, and retired LSP Trooper Leon “Bucky” Millet in his place about him being a stern watchdog over LSPC operations.  Though Simien’s commentary was ostensibly directed at all audience members, his eyes were laser-focused on Millet, and Millet even inquired what the parameters would be going forward in terms of agenda requests he may have.


First, let’s observe Millet’s public comment (he never minces his words), which may have likely gotten under Simien’s skin:



Retired LSP Trooper (and VETERAN) Leon “Bucky” Millet makes public comment at the November 9, 2017 LSPC meeting.


Simien addresses the public entailing “decorum” while his eyes stay laser-focused on Millet like a quarterback staring down his receiver!


The LSPC has itself had many outlandish exchanges between LSPC members.  Millet, who was kicked out of the LSTA for his role in calling for an investigation of the LSTA political contributions now ostensibly under investigation by the LSPC, has asked for numerous items to be placed on the LSPC agenda.  In fact, the May 11, 2017 LSPC agenda was comprised almost exclusively of items Millet requested to be discussed by the LSPC.  Obviously, the LSPC would not currently (and belatedly) even be ostensibly investigating the current LSTA contributions were it not for Millet.


Perhaps considerable frustration was aired toward Millet during executive session, and Simien may have been given his marching orders (most likely by controversial member Jared Caruso-Riecke) to fire a shot across the bow to Millet that he is not going to dictate the LSPC’s agenda going forward and that he should not expect the LSPC to investigate everything under the sun that he may desire or assert wrongdoing transpired.


Millet is the only person who ever makes public comment at LSPC meetings and, given that we’ve never observed “poor decorum” on his part entailing his public comment, we can only assume he’s being told not to expect to dominate the LSPC’s agenda content as he has occasionally done in the past.  That’s especially true given Simien’s statement that “we have a job to do, and we will maintain decorum.”


At any rate, given the fact Gov. Edwards doesn’t remotely have the guts to remove Caruso-Riecke from the LSPC and given the latter’s ultimate displays of decorum deficiencies at meetings such as the one linked above, calling Millet out on the carpet in using a less-than-subtle inference that Millet has failed to “maintain decorum” is nothing short of an absolute insult!

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