Dr. Oscar Dantzler states he entered Governor’s race due to “Edwards family corruption;” calls Democratic Party “a joke;” cites examples of media “racism” behind efforts to quash his candidacy; states intent to attend LSU debate forum Thursday night and demand inclusion.

Dr. Oscar “Omar” Dantzler, who didn’t hold back any punches in an interview with Sound Off Louisiana on Monday, September 16, 2019.

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On August 5, 2019, Sound Off Louisiana published this feature indicating that Dr. Oscar “Omar” Dantzler, D-Hammond, intended to file paperwork to run against Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards.  We also stated that, aside from a Hayride feature, there had been zilch in the way of media coverage of Dantzler’s candidacy.

At the conclusion of the article, we invited Dr. Dantzler to contact us if he would like to conduct an interview.  On Sunday, September 15, 2019, Dr. Dantzler contacted us and indicated a desire for just such an interview.  Let’s cover what all he had to say:

Dantzler provides two-minute introduction of himself to viewers.

Dantzler flatly says his reason for entering the race is rampant “corruption” within the Edwards family.

Dantzler provides specificity regarding Edwards family corruption in citing his 2015 run for Sheriff against Gov. Edwards’ brother, Daniel, and the $10,000 cash Dantzler alleges Edwards offered him to drop out of the race.

Dantzler reinforces allegations of Edwards family corruption in providing his thoughts on the recent Federal felony conviction of former DEA agent (and Tangipahoa Deputy Sheriff) Chad Scott.

Dantzler provides another assertion of Edwards family corruption entailing former DARE instructor and Tangipahoa Sheriff Deputy Bud Cason.  CLICK HERE for more background on that matter.

Dantzler lambasts the Democratic Party and its endorsement process as, “a big joke out there.”

Dantzler cites “racism” as the motivation for his contention that efforts are underway to quash his candidacy’s existence.

Dantzler provides specifics of ways the media are quashing his candidacy entailing a recent Morgan City Parade.  Specifically, he states that he paid the same $700 fee to participate, but that, when his crew passed by, the news media, “took the cameras and shoved the cameras toward the ground.  They refused to take my photo…and showed very racial against me.”  He then expressed his extreme frustration that Advocate reporter Tyler Bridges declined to even mention in this article about the parade that Dantzler’s campaign was among those participating.

Dantzler stresses a need for voters to visit his social media pages (Facebook and his website) as a result of his contention that the mainstream media are attempting to quash his campaign’s existence.

Dantzler has harsh words for other candidates, including “the incumbent” whom he assert are attempting to quash the existence of his campaign.

Dantzler voices his frustration that his name is not being included on polls in order to gauge his support for assessing debate eligibility.  He further indicates that he plans to attend Thursday’s debate at LSU and demand that he be included.  Sound Off Louisiana plans to be there as well and videotape his appeals and any response he obtains.

Dantzler flatly refers to Gov. Edwards’ $1,000/year teacher pay raise as, “a slap in the face.”

Dantzler states that Gov. Edwards went too far with the “heartbeat bill” and states that he would have provided exceptions for rape and the life of the mother.

Dantzler provides his platform on criminal justice reform.

Dantzler elaborates upon his plans to give first responders a pay raise.

Dantzler states his stand on taxes to include making grocery purchases totally exempt from sales taxes.

Dantzler provides his thoughts on Louisiana’s minimum wage.

Dantzler states his position on economic development with an emphasis on his contention that citizens should be encouraged to open small businesses.

Dantzler states his platform on senior citizens and veterans.

Dantzler states his emphatic stand that any elected official in Louisiana should be subject to term limits.  Dantzler’s opinion is that such limits would help prevent sheriff dynasties from developing in Louisiana where corruption goes unprosecuted for decades.  Those are the same sentiments expressed by former FBI New Orleans Bureau Chief Jeffrey Sallet when, in describing Louisiana as an absolute hotbed of political corruption, he stated his belief that it is the long tenures of these Louisiana sheriffs and DAs that have fostered Louisiana’s corrupt environment.  In the video, we referenced a recent publication by a fellow blogger, Tom Aswell, entailing the corruption of Louisiana sheriffs.  Our subscribers can feel free to click here if they may be interested in purchaing the book by Aswell as we have and read it.

Dantzler wraps up his interview with Sound Off Louisiana.

As our subscribers can tell, Dr. Dantzler doesn’t mince his words when it comes to his take on “Edwards family corruption,” his assertions that the mainstream media are attempting to quash the fact that he’s even in the race, and that Gov. Edwards and other unnamed candidates are actively trying to block him from debate participation.  We welcome our subscribers to view Dantzler’s interview in its entirety with Sound Off Louisiana by clicking here, and we look forward to a follow-up post regarding how organizers of Thursday’s debate plan to handle his attendance and his demands that he be permitted to participate!

We conclude this feature with Dr. Dantzler’s flyer which he graciously provided to us for the interview:


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  1. This is nothing but a political tactic to take votes from JBE. The only question I have is which Republican candidate is paying him?

    1. So, Ryan, was it a Republican who approached Tyler Bridges and gave him money to ensure that Dantzler’s participation in the Morgan City Parade was not mentioned? That episode flatly flies DIRECTLY in the face of your theory!

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