Rispone owes no apology for stating Gov. Edwards has “harmed West Point’s reputation” given the mockery that Edwards has made of its “Honor Code.”


Baton Rouge businessman and Republican candidate for Governor of Louisiana, Eddie Rispone.

On Friday, November 1, 2019, Republican candidate for Louisiana Governor, Businessman Eddie Rispone, said in an interview on KSLY radio in Alexandria that Gov. Edwards had “harmed West Point’s reputation.”  First, let’s take a listen at his brief commentary in that regard:

Republican candidate for Louisiana Governor states on KSLY radio that Gov. Edwards has “harmed West Point’s reputation.”

As could easily be predicted, The Advocate wasted little time cranking out an article on the episode, and they followed soon thereafter with an editorial insisting that Rispone owes veterans an apology, and that was quickly followed with yet another editorial by Stephanie Grace assessing Rispone’s commentary as “downright Trumpian.”

We believe that Rispone owes no apology to anyone because, as we have stated for a long time, Edwards has made an absolute mockery of the West Point Honor Code, and the following video demonstrates that fact in no uncertain terms:

Video clearly depicting how Gov. Edwards has made a mockery of West Point’s Honor Code.

Far more details on the preceding video are readily available for anyone to see at The Choice Is Clear LA.

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2 thoughts on “Rispone owes no apology for stating Gov. Edwards has “harmed West Point’s reputation” given the mockery that Edwards has made of its “Honor Code.””

  1. You’re wrong, Robert. Rispone owes JBE and West Point both an apology. Republicans are better than this slime ball is acting.

  2. As a Marine vet he most certainly does’st owe and apology and he’s correct that JBE is a dishonorable prick who’s ruining our state

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