Spillover from Sound Off’s Burns appearance on Radio Host Carl Nelson’s show: “Sister Khadijah Rashad” blasting operations of Iberia Parish law enforcement.

Portrait of “Sister Khadijah Rashad”‘s grandson, Shabba, and his family.  Rashad asserts that Iberia Parish law-enforcement claims that her grandson committed suicide by hanging himself days before his scheduled release from the New Iberia Parish jail are “a lie.”

On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, Sound Off Louisiana‘s Robert Burns, along with Belinda Parker-Brown, were, for the second time in about five weeks,  invited as a guest on The Carl Nelson Radio Show, which is a four-hour daily broadcast originating in Baltimore, Maryland and heard throughout the Washington, DC area.  Anyone is welcome to listen to the show featuring Burns and Parker-Brown (and subsequently joined by former LSP Trooper Carl Cavalier) by clicking here.

The show focused on Ronald Greene’s death and, in particular, the current standing of former Louisiana State Police trooper Carl Cavalier, who was fired for speaking out to the media about Greene’s death.  Cavalier himself joined the second half of the show and revealed some stunning details which we’d not heard before being on the broadcast, and we’d recommend listening to Nelson’s feature to hear Cavalier tell his story!

Upon the conclusion of the broadcast, Nelson reached out to a colleague in Lafayette, Louisiana, Leroy “Brother Jay” Vallot, and indicated to him that he felt his Wednesday weekly broadcast, which he co-hosts with “Sister Khadijah Rashad” (which is the radio name she likes to go by and we’re honoring her request), would be intrigued to have Burns and Parker-Brown appear on their broadcast.  Here is the information for those who may wish to follow their weekly broadcast (no podcasts):

KIEE 88.3 FM and AOC Community Media (Cable TV: Cox 15 & LUS Fiber 3) Lafayette every Wednesday from 9 – 11 am CST.

So, the next day, Wednesday, January 25, 2023, Parker-Brown and Burns appeared on Brother Jay and Sister Khadijah’s show.  They were introduced to Sound Off Louisiana for the first time, and Sister Khadijah Rashad said she would really love to go on Sound Off to communicate to a wide audience her concerns about law-enforcement practices in Iberia Parish.  We set it up for today, Monday, January 30, 2023, and we’re presenting her presentation at this time:

 1/30/23:  “Sister Khadijah Rashad” voices her concerns over law-enforcement operations in Iberia Parish.

Here is some of the material referenced throughout the video which we indicated we’d supply:

Photos of mold in the jail:

Photo of the newspaper referenced in the video:


Here is the Sound Off Louisiana feature which contains the Victor White video, and here is a repeat of the video itself:

Brief video of Victor White, Sr. speaking on the 2014 death of his son while in the custody of the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office derived from the NBC News feature above.

AND….Last but CERTAINLY not least:



Steak and rice and gravy provided to Sound Off’s Burns by Sister Khadijah!


Burns’ plate not long after he was served the above meal.  As Burns said on via text, “When you meet me, you’ll see I don’t miss many meals!”

As we indicated, we anticipate having Sister Khadijah back on Sound Off Louisiana to explain more concerns she has about law-enforcement operations in Iberia Parish soon!

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