State Police Trooper Scott Lopez allegedly tells Billy Broussard’s driver, “You better not drive down my road again!”


Street view of Louisiana State Police (LSP) Trooper Scott Lopez’s home located on Duchamp Road in Broussard, Louisiana.  Farmer Billy Broussard alleges that, on Monday, June 14, 2021, Lopez, in uniform but at his home, got in his vehicle, chased down one of his employee drivers, and told him,”You better not drive down MY road again!”

Everyone in Southeast Louisiana is in our thoughts and prayers as so many Louisiana residents continue to struggle to either return to normal (mainly through power restoration) or at least be able to return home to assess the totality of damage left behind in Hurricane Ida’s wake.

Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns was working on several features before Ida struck and, since the Lafayette area was essentially spared damage, we’re going to proceed with a feature on farmer Billy Broussard and present the first installment on what will be a four-part (minimum) installment on his ongoing battle with a Louisiana State Police (LSP) Trooper named Scott Lopez.

In September of 2020, Broussard purchased a 33-acre tract of land located on Duchamp Road, which is in Broussard, Louisiana.  Broussard is a relatively small community located in St. Martin Parish.  Broussard’s intent is to grow mushrooms on the property once he has first adequately filled in several deep canyons located on the 33-acre site.  LSP Trooper Lopez resides on Duchamp Road in a very nice home which is very close to Broussard’s farm.

Let’s take a few minutes to permit Broussard to provide a tour of his farm and describe the encounter his driver had with Lopez on the afternoon of Monday, June 14, 2021:

Farmer Billy Broussard provides a guided tour of his farm and describes the encounter one of his drivers allegedly had with LSP on the afternoon of Monday, June 14, 2021.

Broussard states his case very professionally on the above video, so we’re not going to add written commentary to it and merely strongly encourage our subscribers and casual visitors to watch it.

LSP indicates that the agency is not in possession of any type of surveillance videos or photos taken by Trooper Lopez.  Hence, we can only assume that, if any such “surveillance” has been conducted on Broussard, LSP was not the agency conducting such surveillance.

We also requested from LSP all of Trooper Lopez’s time sheets from March 1, 2021 through July 28, 2021.  Let us provide his time sheet containing the all-important date of Monday, June 14, 2021.  Here’s the timesheet with the relevant timeframe highlighted:

Now, we spoke with Broussard’s driver, and he stated to us that the episode transpired on the afternoon on Monday, June 14, 2021, and he specifically told us that Lopez said, “You better not drive down my road again if you know what’s good for you!”

As we indicated, this is going to be a four-part (possibly five-part) series, so let us wrap up this first installment with a few relevant pictures and a couple of very brief videos which we believe are beneficial to augment Broussard’s tour video above:

Three-minute aerial drone video of Broussard’s farm.

28-second video of a small duckling in a small wooden house Broussard constructed and which has been used as a safe harbor by small ducklings until they age sufficiently to fend off predators in the ponds on the property.

Aerial map of Broussard’s 33-acre farm.

Several employees on Broussard’s family farm pose for a photo sitting atop hay which is about to be loaded onto an older 18-wheeler for storage.

Broussard’s farm shortly after being freshly mowed.

Cut tree pile shortly after Broussard pushed a pile similar to that featured on the video above off into one of the canyons on the 33-acre farm in preparation of making the farm conducive for mushroom farming.

An alligator snoops around for prey in one of the ponds on Broussard’s farm.

As Broussard indicates on the video above, the subsequent developments after his driver’s encounter with LSP Trooper Lopez on Monday, June 14, 2021 are going to be very interesting to report upon.  We wish Hurricane Ida hadn’t forced us to delay the publication of this first installment, but we promise to have installments two and three out within the next few days, and we believe everyone will find them most intriguing!

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