Treasurer Kennedy voices concern over potential Jindal sweetheart deal for “Big Charity” as he leaves office.








Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy

At the August 17, 2015 meeting of the Baton Rouge Press Club, Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy expressed his concerns that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration may try to cut a sweetheart deal entailing the sale of New Orleans’ “Big Charity” hospital building days before Jindal leaves office.

Kennedy also addressed his firm belief that a 2/3 vote of the Louisiana Legislature is required for ALL tax-related matters (suspend an exemption, revoke credits, outright tax increase, etc.).  He further indicated that, if a current court challenge by the Louisiana Chemical Association is not successful, a constitutional amendment will be introduced for the 2016 legislative session which makes such a matter crystal clear.

Kennedy also addressed why he feels his emphasis on bloated governmental spending, particularly within DHH, garners so little public attention or legislative action vs. the dramatic pushes in the past session to enact revenue raising measures.

He concluded his presentation by expressing his concerns about the ever-escalating cost of providing security protection for Gov. Jindal.  He stressed that Jindal is actively campaigning for President and therefore his campaign should cover his security detail.  Kennedy also stated his belief that gubernatorial candidate Jay Dardenne is being hypocritical to criticize Jindal over Jindal’s LSP security detail when Dardenne has his own LSP contingency for protection.  He suggested such protection for Dardenne isn’t needed but is nevertheless utilized for “vanity purposes.”

 Video highlights of Kennedy’s presentation follow:

Treasurer Kennedy expresses his concerns
that Gov. Jindal may execute a sweetheart deal entailing
New Orleans’ former charity hospital (“Big Charity”) in
his final days in office.

Treasurer Kennedy states the case that a 2/3 vote of
the Louisiana Legislature is required for all
tax-related matters that “take money from
taxpayers’ pockets.”

Treasurer Kennedy outlines DHH’s contention
that appropriations are inadequate for FYE 6/30/16
and why he believes his proposed measures to control
costs have garnered minimal public attention and action.

Treasurer Kennedy outlines his concerns about Gov.
Jindal’s travel expenses being picked up by Louisiana
taxpayers and his belief that Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne
should relinquish his Louisiana State Police security
detail as well.

CLICK HERE to see Treasurer Kennedy’s presentation in its entirety.  CLICK HERE for an opinion release Treasurer Kennedy provided to those in attendance at the meeting.

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