Yet another JBE board appointee, Jacob Brown, son of convicted felon Cecil Brown, shamed into removal from Auctioneer Board after numerous complaints filed against him for nonpayment on merchandise and failing to tender marketable title on vehicles he sold to the public.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards

In the seemingly never-ending parade of resignations/removals of appointments made by Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, another episode has recently transpired.  Specifically, Jacob Brown, son of convicted felon (and Edwin Edwards associate) Cecil Brown, was removed from the Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board (LALB) for having numerous complaints of either nonpayment on merchandise consigned (one dating back to February of 2017) and failure to tender marketable title on automobiles Brown’s company auctioned.


Brown was also scheduled for an administrative hearing by the LALB for March 5, 2018; however, he did not show up.  In the following brief video, the Board considers Brown’s plight:


LALB discusses Brown’s plight on March 5, 2018.


In the preceding video, Brown, in a feeble attempt to explain his absence, sends an email stating that he thought board meetings were on Tuesdays.  That’s actually entirely possible because, during his tenure as a member of the LALB, Brown rarely showed up for these meetings.  He missed two consecutive meetings then, on the third meeting, he showed up five minutes before the meeting concluded, yet he got his $97 per diem check (plus was paid mileage) for those five minutes.  It would nevertheless be ironic for Brown to say, “I thought the meetings were on Tuesdays,” because he, along with LALB Chairman Jacob Warren, pushed to move the meetings from Tuesdays to Mondays, with Brown stating as his reason, “We coduct our weekly State auctions on Tuesdays.”  Brown’s auction company has historically relied very heavily on contracts awarded to it by the State of Louisiana (presumably from “holdover” political connections of Cecil Brown with Edwin Edwards’ folk).


For the meetings he did choose to grace the other board members with his presence, he exhibited a glassy-eyed look and often seemed to be struggling mightily to comprehend just what all was transpiring at the meetings.


Also in the preceding video, LALB attorney Anna Dow states that Brown indicated in writing that his company is “down to one employee” and that fact has made it “difficult to keep up with this particular case.”  Dow then expressed her concerns that Brown’s company cannot pay consignors nor provide marketable titles to autos he auctions.


What is very, very disturbing about the LALB’s action is that it suspended only the personal auction license of Jacob Brown and left the company license untouched!  Numerous sources have stated to Sound Off Louisinaa that Jacob Brown is not the auctioneer who calls the auctions.  Instead, he mainly does “back office work.”  Conseqently, the suspension of Jacob Brown’s license is essentially inconsequential!  In fact, when LALB Vice Chairman James Sims inquires if the company’s operations will be impacted, Dow responds, “No.  There is more than one auctioneer affiliated with that company.”  Accordingly, prospective bidders and consignors both are well-advised to take heed of the preceding video, especially the concerns expressed by Dow about the company’s ability to pay consignors or provide marketable title to successful bidders!


After the Calvin Braxton debacle, someone asked of Ellen Palmintier, Gov. Edwards’ head of Boards and Commissions, “Where do you people find these people?”  That question is now on the minds of plenty of other folk as the mass exodus of morally and ethically-challenged appointees of Gov. Edwards continues unabated!


What was that Gov. Edwards – you do not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do?  Okay, Governor, whatever you say!

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