D’Jay’s Cosmetology Institute owners vent on Inspector General Street, Gov. Edwards; allege Cosmetology Board now targets, harasses them similar to Nelda Dural several years ago.

Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology Chairman Edwin Neill, III


In today’s Sound Off Louisiana feature, Ed and Paul Schilleci, owners of D’Jay’s Cosmetology Institute, sit down with founder Robert Burns to inform viewers of their assertions that the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology (LSBC) is “singling us out for harassment,” in a manner eerily similar to the manner in which Nelda Dural has made the same assertions.  The video of Paul and Ed, complete with some biting remarks entailing Inspector General Stephen Street and Louisiana Gov. John  Bel Edwards, follows:

Ed and Paul Schilleci visit with Burns on Monday, October 1, 2018 to discuss alleged harassment by the LSBC.  CLICK HERE for the letter drafted by a former student allegedly recruited by the LSBC to provide ammunition against the school (an accusation nearly identical to the one Dural made publicly at the 11/6/16 LSBC meeting and for which LSBC staffer Deborah Johnson admitted on video did in fact transpire — see 12:59 mark of video above).   CLICK HERE for former Congressman Cao’s assessment of the Cosmetology Board as a state agency with “no regard for the law.”

Regarding the issue of the timing of when the alleged harassment began, as the above video depicts, Ed and Paul contend there was a direct correlation to the timing of them moving their school, which used to be located on Government Street in Baton Rouge, to its present location which, according to Mapquest, is a mere 8.8 miles and estimated 16-minute drive from former long-time LSBC Chairman Francis Hand’s school.  Hand remains as an LSBC member today (the only one other than Jill Hebert to survive the transition from Jindal to Edwards).  Are the sudden “problems” Paul references above about trivial issues such as too wide of grout separation between tiles coincidental to that move?  We’ll let our subscribers be the judge.

We also attended today’s LSBC meeting, and we’ll have a very interesting post on an administrative hearing which transpired at that meeting which we’ll publish in a couple of weeks or so.



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