AG “Buddy” Caldwell’s office “gives clearance” to pursue revoking the auction license of Louisiana’s only African-American auctioneer over his role in reporting “blatant payroll fraud.” (5th installment in a 5-part series)

Assistant. A. G. Rodney Ramsey


Assistant A. G. Michael Vallan (blue shirt) and Unknown Other A. G. Official


Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns provides fifth and final installment of his 5-part series entailing Louisiana Attorney General James D. “Buddy” Caldwell, complete with him being a “good sport” toward Caldwell with a tribute to “The King” (beginning at the 50:40 mark) :

 5th Installment on AG James D. “Buddy” Caldwell.  Starring
roles for AG staff members (& legal counsel contractor
Caldwell crammed down the LALB’s throat) include:
9:40 – 12:20:  Assistant Attorney General
Richard McGimsey
16:50 – 19:10:    ”   ”   ”   ”   ”   ”   ”   ”   ”   ”  ”   ”  ”   ”   ”   ”
19:25 – 21:15
Assistant Attorney General Rodney Ramsey
22:30 – 25:30:
Convicted Felon Larry S. Bankston
37:00 – 42:50:     ”     ”     ”     ”     ”     ”     ”     ”  ”
26:25 – 29:30:  Assistant Attorney General
Michael Vallan
31:40 – 36:55:
Then-Asst. A. G. Lindsey Hunter                         
43:00 – 47:45:  Attorney General Investigator Arthur Ogea
50:40 – 54:10: 
“The King” himself (via yours truly!!)                           

[Note:  at the 47:45 – 50:30 mark, Burns explains why, in 2009, a bill sponsored by Caldwell calling for a 10 cent a month increase in residential phone bills to fight child pornography was DEFEATED in committee!]

Burns wrapping it up with a song from “The King.”



Caldwell serenades Sen. Landrieu with same song by “The King.”



CLICK HERE for complaint filed by Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips to A. G.’s Office entailing the LALB’s failure to place a LAPA link on its website when it has such a link for the LAA.


CLICK HERE for Caldwell’s response of kicking it right back to the LALB for “disposition as you deem appropriate.”


CLICK HERE for report by LSP Terrorism Unit after LALB Attorney Anna Dow advised Executive Director Sandy Edmonds to call them to Burns’ house based on defamatory statements made by Ms. Dow (for which Mr. Burns is suing Dow), and after such guidance was given to Dow by Assistant A. G. Richard McGimsey for which he made no effort whatsoever to obtain any facts of the matter prior to giving his “good friend” Anna Dow said guidance.

CLICK HERE for damming report by Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera entailing LALB payroll fraud issued February 29, 2012.


CLICK HERE for extensive details on notoriously-problematic auctioneer Ken Buhler.


CLICK HERE for LALB’s “writ of attachment” against Robert Burns, which was filed based on the sole and exclusive guidance of then-Assistant Attorney General Lindsey Hunter.


CLICK HERE for Burns’ mere 3-page pro se opposition memorandum to the LALB’s Writ of Attachment against him.


CLICK HERE for Judge Hernandez’s ruling DENYING the LALB’s Writ.


CLICK HERE for a schedule of the $2,100 in attorney fees the LALB tallied by Bankston in attempting to pursue the Writ against Burns (which they sought to force Burns to pay had they been successful).


CLICK HERE for Louisiana Inspector General report on LALB and Interior Design Board’s payroll fraud on the part of their Executive Director, Sandy Edmonds.  Note:  The report was greatly watered down under direct orders of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who refused to sign off on the report until it was in its publicly-released format which, nevertheless, cites Edmonds for reporting being on the job while “performing no public purpose” and lying to investigators about the practice.  For her deceit, they recommended “appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination.”  Of course, given the corrupt nature of both these boards, the report was never even discussed at any meeting of either board!


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