Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate C. J. Matthews says former Sheriff Jeff Wiley “extorted” him to “shut my mouth” about salacious texts between Deputy Corder and a 16-year-old Donaldsonville High School female student.

Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate C. J. Matthews.

Following up on segment one and segment two of our fascinating series of interviews with Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate C. J. Matthews, we now present segment three:

Matthews conducts segment three of our interviews with him entailing his assertion of a cover-up of activities of a prior Sheriff Deputy, Fred Corder, and a then-16-year-old Donaldsonville High School female student regarding inappropriate text messaging and an allegedly-intentionally-botched “sting” operation to pursue prosecuting Corder.

As we indicated we would, we’re expanding the table to now include documents referenced in this video, which are all found on the last row of the updated table.  Here’s that updated table:

Date (timeframe) of DocumentNature of Document
On or about February 19, 2018 through on or about March 2, 2018.Texts between Corder and the 16-year-old female to include up to the point of the "botched" sting operation by two deputies.
On or about June 4, 2018 to October 31, 2018.Corder relieved of duties, along with limited subsequent documentation to include Louisiana Attorney General letter of October 31, 2018.
Sometime prior to June 27, 2018Ascension Parish Sheriff Lt. Kelly Brown's interview with juvenile victim.
July 6, 2018Digital phone analysis of Corder's cell phone.
May 31, 2018Ascension Parish Lt. Kelly Brown's closeout of Corder investigation.
June 14, 2018Ascension Parish Captain C. J. Matthews' complaint filed with the Louisiana Attorney General's Office
Mid-November of 2018This barrage of documents between Matthews, District Attorney Ricky Babin, and Sheriff Wiley to include a letter from attorney Jill Craft, whom Wiley retained for the Matthews matter, to Matthews.
January 15, 2019 and January 16, 2019Webre's letter (with no letterhead) to Matthews informing Matthews that he (Matthews) was resigning (1/15/19) and letter of full cooperation to AG's Office the next day (1/16/19).
February 12, 2019AG Investigative Memo
November 4, 2019AG Closeout Memo
October 12, 2022LSP Capt. Belinda Murphy's 10/12/22 letter to Matthews stating LSP will conduct no investigation on the Corder matter

Also, we provided this link for an Advocate article by David Mitchell published on January 20, 2019, and we’re repeating it for this feature since Matthews references in the video above in describing the time frame leading up to that interview, the interview itself, and the aftermath of that interview.

Just as we stated before, hang tight for episode four (4) of this fascinating series!  The transition from Wiley as Sheriff (who is running for Louisiana State Representative this October) to Webre (who is running for re-election) as Sheriff as it relates to Matthews is going to prove very, very intriguing!

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