Ascension Parish Sheriff challenger Matthews calls out former long-time Sheriff (and candidate for House District 81) Jeff Wiley for alleged electioneering violation entailing nursing home campaign visitation within prohibited period leading up to Saturday’s election.

Jeff Wiley, former long-time sheriff of Ascension Parish and candidate for Louisiana House of Representatives District 81.

Well, we said on our last feature that would be it until after the election; however, we awoke this morning with texts from Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate C. J. Matthews regarding his contention that former long-term Sheriff Jeff Wiley, who is seeking election to Louisiana House District 81, has engaged in impermissible campaigning.

Specifically, Matthews provided us with evidence that Wiley visited Gonzales Health Care and allegedly engaged in impermissible campaign activities within a restricted period as provided in LA R. S. 18:1334.  The photo of Wiley appearing in the nursing home is easily visible on the link just provided, and it says, “4 days ago,” which would most certainly fall within the restricted period specified in the preceding statute.

Matthews told us he wanted to speak on the matter, so we told him to head on over and we’d arrange it.  Here is a brief video of Matthews lodging his allegation against Jeff Wiley (plus Burns having some jovial fun entailing a campaign function for future Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry held mere hours before the Matthews video below was filmed) :

October 12, 2023:  Matthews outlines his evidence against Jeff Wiley and what Matthews alleges is impermissible campaigning in a nursing home during a period restricting such plus Burns showing a “little love” to soon-to-be-Governor Jeff Landry.

Matthews also provided us with screen shots as additional evidence, so we’ll wrap this feature up with those screen shots:

Ah, what the heck! We’re feeling pretty loose now, so why not include a few photos from today’s Jeff Landry function in Baton Rouge? Here they are:

Sound Off Louisiana founder with some Jeff Landry / Rick Edmonds (candidate for Louisiana Senate) buttons and a Jeff Landry cap.


Louisiana Senate Candidate Rick Edmonds gets crowd fired up in introducing Jeff Landry.

Jeff Landry minutes after approaching Burns and saying, “Hey, Robert!  Love your blog!”

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