Ascension Parish Sheriff challenger Matthews assesses damning audio of public defender on alleged rape of Delatte; Slams District 81 candidate / former Sheriff Wiley’s “hypocrisy on family values” given that he let Deputy Corder elude prosecution for sexually-explicit texts with minor.

Louisiana House District 81  candidate (and former long-time Ascension Parish Sheriff) Jeff Wiley poses for a photo along with his nephew, Gubernatorial candidate Stephen Waguespack, at a recent athletic event on the grounds of Olympia Stadium in Baton Rouge.

In what is our final feature prior to this Saturday’s election, Ascension Parish candidate C. J. Matthews assesses a damning audio phone call recorded by Kelsey Delatte, who alleges that she was raped by Ascension Parish Councilman Dempsey Lambert’s son on October 2, 2021.

The audio file was with a public defender who states point blank that DA Ricky Babin and Sheriff Bobby Webre are, “in bed together” regarding not pursuing the probable cause they admit existed and initiating an arrest warrant application at the outset of their prosecutorial efforts.  In the alternative, the defense attorney says Babin could have pursued charges on his own (via a bill of information) but clearly wanted to use the secrecy of grand jury proceedings to shield the true extent to which Babin and Webre may have pushed for prosecution.

Her point is well-taken, especially given our most-recent feature on Delatte wherein Webre plays “Devil’s advocate” with Delatte in suggesting that the intercourse on October 2, 2021 was “consensual” and further that, “nobody believes her.”  Add in the fact that Webre, on the audio at the prior link, flat-out falsely stated to Delatte, “they found three drugs in your system,” and it would seem that any person with at least a couple of functioning brain cells realizes whose side Webre and, by strong inference by his words on the same recording, DA Babin, are on!  We’re still trying to reconcile Babin’s repeated emphasis that he found “probable cause” with his words of, “not having crap” to take to Attorney General Jeff Landry, yet he indicates he plans to ask Landry to look into the case anyway!

Matthews also had very harsh words entailing mail outs being sent by Louisiana House District candidate (and former long-time Ascension Parish Sheriff) Jeff Wiley.  Specifically, Matthews notes the irony of Wiley touting “family values” when he permitted a deputy under his direct supervision, Fred Corder, to elude prosecution for sexually-explicit texts and efforts at meeting a 16-year-old Donaldsonville High School girl for a sexual encounter to be comprised of “oral” and possibly “that other stuff.”

Let’s take a look at Matthews’ final visit with us prior to the election with an emphasis on the fact that, whether as Sheriff-Elect or not, Matthews has committed to us that he will continue to shed a bright spotlight on the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office as a result of numerous people who have come forward either to him, to us, or both entailing further instances of alleged corruption on the part of incumbent Sheriff Bobby Webre:

October 10, 2023:  Matthews analyzes a 10-minute recorded phone call between Kelsey Delatte, her husband, Beau Delatte, and a public defender and civil litigation attorney, after which Matthews slams House District 81 candidate (and former long-time Ascension Parish Sheriff) Jeff Wiley on what Matthews assesses as pure rank hypocrisy regarding “family values.”

In the video, we indicated that we’d provide the mail outs distributed by the Wiley campaign which Matthews openly attacked as being not just inaccurate but for Wiley’s lack of protecting children from a “child predator” as being (Matthews’ word):  “criminal!”  Here are the flyers:

We will point out that “Able to tackle the issues that effect us,” should be “affect us,” but Wiley may be willing to stipulate to not being the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Nevertheless, he likely didn’t win over the votes of any English teachers receiving his mail out!

Let us now list all previous features with Matthews entailing Fred Corder and Kelsey Delatte:


Segment One:  Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate C. J. Matthews attacks former boss (incumbent Sheriff Bobby Webre) in alleging Malfeasance in Office, cover-up of sexting and receiving pornographic images by former Deputy Fred Corder.

Segment Two:  Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate C. J. Matthews openly asks, “What if this was your daughter?” entailing former Deputy Corder’s texts and whether parents would be content for it to be, “just swept under the rug.”

Segment Three:  Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate C. J. Matthews says former Sheriff Jeff Wiley “extorted” him to “shut my mouth” about salacious texts between Deputy Corder and a 16-year-old Donaldsonville High School female student.

Segment Four:  Ascension Parish Sheriff Webre tells Capt. Matthews he’s resigning, then rehires him after attorneys make clear litigation is forthcoming, then tells him 90 days later that Matthews can retire, “only if I’ll allow it.”

Segment Five:  Matthews exposes that, even after alleged juvenile victim was asked via text to “perform oral sex” and provide pictures of her “buttocks and vagina,” in exchange for a “penis” picture, Attorney General’s Office declined to arrest alleged perpetrator Deputy Fred Corder.

Segment Six:  Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate Matthews does mea culpa on Webre’s high school diploma; says LSP Capt. Belinda Murphy “blew a gasket” when learning of his possession of the Corder AG investigation files.

Segment Seven:  EBRP Sheriff Gautreaux arrests Deputy Pizzalato within mere hours of sending sexually-suggestive text messages to 15-year-old juvenile whereas Ascension Sheriffs Wiley / Webre go to great lengths to let Deputy Corder off scot free and engage in subsequent cover-up.


Segment One:  Kelsey Delatte alleges she was raped by Councilman’s son, provides audio evidence of Sheriff Webre all but acknowledging it along with him “victim shaming” her by stating “nobody believes her,” challenging her to have “Kiran (Chawla) come on…..Come on Chris (Nakamoto).”

Segment Two:  Ascension Parish Sheriff Webre says every female he consulted said Delatte didn’t react properly to alleged rape by Councilman Lambert’s son; DA Babin willing to ask Bert Turner for help from AG Landry though admitting, “I don’t have crap!”

In a mere three (3) days, Ascension Parish residents will cast their verdict for whether they want the current status quo to remain in place or whether they seek a fresh change from someone who has been willing to expose, from an insider’s perspective, what he alleges are serious shortcomings in the way the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office has operated.

Voters in sections of the parishes of Livingston, Ascension, and St. James will likewise cast their verdict on whether they wish for a former long-time Ascension Parish Sheriff whom Matthews asserts permitted a “child predator” to escape prosecution (Jeff Wiley) to represent them in the House District 81 in the Louisiana House of Representatives!

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