At town hall at Southern University, U. S. Department of Justice pattern and practice LSP investigators try to assuage concerns about their lack of subpoena power.

The mother of a man who claimed her son was beaten to death by Baton Rouge Police Officers on Flag Street in Baton Rouge holds up a picture of her son as she makes inquires of United States Department of Justice officials at a Baton Rouge town hall held on the campus of Southern University on Tuesday, May 16, 2023.

At a town hall meeting of the United State Department of Justice (DOJ) conducted on the campus of Southern University on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, one of the biggest concerns expressed by attendees was the lack of subpoena power of those conducting a “pattern and practices” investigation of Louisiana State Police (LSP).

Let’s watch some highlights from the town hall meeting:

Sound Off Louisiana’s founder, Robert Burns, inquires how the public can be dissuaded from perceiving DOJ as a “toothless tiger” given that those conducting the investigation lack subpoena power.

As Burns mentioned in the video above, he actually showed up and set up his unipod only to discover he’d left his camera at home.  That prompted a mad dash back to Burns’ home, retrieving the camera, and a mad dash back.  Luckily, community activist Belinda Parker-Brown, founder of Louisiana United International, used her cell phone to record the period during which Burns was absent.  As a result, we want to present prominent civil rights attorney Jill Craft having posed her questions of DOJ officials (to include whether they have subpoena power) so their original responses can be available:

After DOJ officials provide a brief overview of their roles in investigating LSP, Craft asks about limitations they may be under.

Here are other video highlights:

Burns inquires if DOJ will delve into the massive LSP cheating scandal as well as the horrendously bad promotional practices deployed by LSP over the last few years.

Belinda Parker-Brown inquires whether DOJ’s investigation will include, “the corruption on the Louisiana State Police Commission?”

Parker-Brown inquires about indictments being handed down for the Ronald Greene cover-up, “from the Governor’s Office on down.”

Sister Khadijah Rashad inquires about DOJ investigating circumstances surrounding alleged suicides at law-enforcement agencies such as that of her grandson days before he was scheduled to be released.

“Brother Jay,” who, along with community activist “Sister Khadijah Rashad,” host a weekly public broadcast on Wednesdays in Lafayette, Louisiana, inquires about having a public database to keep bad police officers from being transferred from one law-enforcement agency to another.

The mother of a man who claims her son was beaten to death on Flag Street in Baton Rouge by Baton Rouge Police Officers voices concerns about law enforcement officials as she holds up a picture of her son.

CLICK HERE for the town hall in its entirety.

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