Billy Broussard expresses optimism on soon-to-be LSP Colonel Robert Hodges after recent private meeting; states firm plans to testify on measures to improve crime prevention, both violent and white collar, at upcoming Special Session.

LSP Major Robert Hodges, with whom Gov. Elect Jeff Landry is long-time friends and whom he has tapped to be his next LSP Colonel effective January 8, 2024.

Billy Broussard, on whom Sound Off Louisiana has produced more features than any other single individual, read with interest our latest feature on former LSP Trooper Michael Lynn Satcher II and his second arrest for alleged domestic abuse (with kidnapping added this time) on Saturday, December 9, 2023.

In fact, Broussard made the following comment on the feature after noticing Rapides Parish District Attorney Phillip Terrell’s need to recuse himself as a result of being, “close friends and hunting buddies” with Satcher:


I had a meeting with soon-to-be LSP Colonel Robert Hodges not long ago, and I believe he’s smart enough to see and likely would acknowledge that one of our big problems with State Police is the personal relationships with Troopers and District Attorneys. Also, let me not forget to mention the political motivation these troopers sometimes have. These guys have big dreams to include possibly becoming Sheriffs or pursuing jobs with District Attorneys, etc. We saw that with Michael Hebert at Troop D!!! I look forward to testify before committees in the near future, I can’t wait to help!!!


Today (Tuesday, December 12, 2023), Broussard called and asked if he could appear on Sound Off Louisiana and express his optimism for LSP under Hodges and also speak on a few topics he considers germane to Landry’s Special Session on crime prevention, to include:

===>  Reversing the Constitutional Amendment enacted during the tenure of William “Bill” Guste, who was Louisiana’s longest-serving Attorney General at 20 years, to place original jurisdiction for the prosecution of criminal matters at the hands of local district attorneys rather than the Attorney General’s Office.  Broussard states his reasons regarding why he believes that Constitutional Amendment needs to be reversed and the adverse impact the Amendment had on him personally.

===> Providing cameras in courtrooms.

Sound Off Louisiana‘s Burns was pleased to have Broussard for the feature because it provided Burns with the opportunity to chime in on Broussard’s commentary about the need for LSP Supplemental Reports.

Burns seized the opportunity to elaborate upon what he described as the “significant heat” he took regarding this November 26, 2023 feature we published entailing why District Attorney John Belton dismissed the one remaining charge that was pending against LSP Lt. John Clary for Obstruction of Justice entailing the in-custody death of Ronald Greene.

With that, let’s present our fascinating interview with Billy Broussard:


12/12/23:  Billy Broussard visits with Burns for them both to discuss Broussard’s optimism for Team Landry and Robert Hodges as LSP Colonel as well as their thoughts on some much-needed reforms in Landry’s upcoming Special Session on Preventing Crime in Louisiana.  Note:  CLICK HERE to see Broussard’s 8/14/23 feature on Cameron Parish Sheriff candidate Michael Hebert.

As we stated at the conclusion of the video, we look very forward to watching Broussard testify at this upcoming Special Session of the Louisiana Legislature entailing Landry’s crime prevention initiatives.

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