Billy Broussard urges Cameron Parish voters to exercise caution in Sheriff race given candidate Michael Hebert having “played politics” with former DA DeRosier in aftermath of Hurricane Rita cleanup.

Then Louisiana State Police (LSP) Trooper Michael Hebert, who is a candidate for Sheriff in Cameron Parish, states to Gravity District 8 of Ward 1 of Calcasieu Parish project manager John Reon that he (Hebert) has no intention of investigating “contracts or FEMA fraud” entailing a complaint by Billy Broussard that such fraud transpired in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita.

Our current series entailing Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate C. J. Matthews has smashed all of our previous features’ records for both videos views and feature visits, and we are very thankful that folk have found the features to be of interest and informative.

Contractor Billy Broussard, on whom we’ve done more posts that any other single individual on this blog, viewed all of the Matthews features with keen interest.  He asked if he could come visit us and sound off on the candidacy of Michael Hebert, a retired LSP trooper who, according to his LinkedIn profile, presently serves as a, “Victim Assistance Coordinator / Investigator at Cameron Parish District Attorney’s Office.”

Broussard alleges (and actually provided the video proof) that Hebert completely ignored the strong evidence that he (Broussard) had, to include former Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) Director Kevin Davis arranging a meeting with him, Broussard, former Calcasieu Parish District Attorney John DeRosier, then-GOHSEP attorney Ben Plaia, and Hebert regarding alleged FEMA fraud perpetrated by officials of Gravity Drainage District 8 of Ward One of Calcasieu Parish.

That alleged fraud involved officials with that agency diverting money intended to pay Broussard for roughly $1 million in drainage work he did on Indian Bayou in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita to its own workers for dredging work done beyond the Army Corps map at sites which were, according to Broussard, clearly ineligible for reimbursement from FEMA.

Let’s take a look at Broussard sounding off on the candidacy of Mr. Hebert in the upcoming race for Sheriff of Cameron Parish and why Broussard advises voters to exercise extreme caution before pulling Hebert’s lever:

August 11, 2023:  Broussard explains why he believes Cameron Parish voters should exercise extreme caution in considering the candidacy of Michael Hebert for Sheriff of Cameron Parish.

Now, let’s supply some support for Broussard’s contentions from past features we’ve published regarding his allegations of FEMA fraud which adversely impacted him to the tune of around $1 million:

1.  Videos of others with knowledge of the project (especially Carl Patterson, who strongly backs Broussard’s contentions and outlines other irregularities which took place during that period — see video of gentleman with the red striped shirt).

2.  Former Calcasieu Parish DA John DeRosier’s VERY obvious money-laundering operation entailing gift cards which Inspector General Stephen Street emphatically denied DeRosier’s claims that Street gave his full blessing to the money laundering operations.

3.  Robyn Sylvester, Broussard’s former attorney, finally becoming so frustrated that she quit pursuing Broussard’s case and blaming “crooked judges” in part for her decision.

4.  Damning email sent by Kelli Fontenot indicating, “we need those GPS locations to go away.”  She was referencing the very GPS sites Broussard references in the video above entailing not even being on the Army Corps map but which District officials nevertheless cleared using FEMA money that was designated to go to him.

Our own observation is that it is indeed disturbing that former GOHSEP director Kevin Davis, Broussard, Hebert, DeRosier, and then-GOHSEP attorney Ben Plaia all met with Broussard finally being able to breath a sigh of relief that the truth about the diversion became fully revealed, only for DeRosier and Hebert to remain after the meeting with Hebert emerging from the one-on-one pow-wow with DeRosier to declare to Broussard, “I am not going to supplement my report.”  That’s even more the case given DeRosier’s obvious problems reflected on link # 2 above (which transpired in the exact same timeframe), further complicated by the fact that DeRosier served as the attorney for the Gravity District entailing Broussard’s claims.

Broussard also wanted it stressed that, should Hebert be willing to sign a sworn affidavit admitting to the contents of that meeting, he (Broussard) would be more than happy to do a follow-up Sound Off Louisiana feature stating on camera that Hebert, “finally did the right thing!”

Candidates for Cameron Parish Sheriff:  Michael Hebert   Chris Savoie.  May the best man for the job win!

We again want to express appreciation for the interest in the C. J. Matthews series, and we’ll have segment four (4) out very soon!

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3 thoughts on “Billy Broussard urges Cameron Parish voters to exercise caution in Sheriff race given candidate Michael Hebert having “played politics” with former DA DeRosier in aftermath of Hurricane Rita cleanup.”

  1. John DeRosier is one of the most corrupt public officials this state has ever seen! From making back door deals with other politicians, setting aside Christmas gifts intended for the less fortunate for his good friend Stitch Guillory & his children who is now running for Calcasieu parish sheriff, being a defense attorney for murderers and rapists prior to becoming DA, buying LA state troopers who wrote the most LACE tickets tv’s for making quota, allowing Sheriff Tony Mancuso full access to all the gift cards from his scheme for nearly 15 years… the just goes on!!!! Or all those times at the Toledo Bend camps of Tony and Bubba… getting deputies to work on the clock at their homes, camps, etc. And even getting inmates to work at their homes — even installing DeRosier’s custom bathroom at the DA’s office. They all had a slush fund for all those nasty & slimy fools! Just gross!

  2. I have a couple of questions. How were the attorneys that were being paid for with taxpayers’ money able to sit in on the interview and represent to State Police that they represented John Reon when he’s being questions in regards to criminal activity? Can they do that? Would that alone be a misappropriation of funds?

    1. Great question. I have reason to believe that “detective” Michael Hebert copied and pasted what the attorneys provided him to include in his report.

      Furthermore, it begs the question of whether he was only investigating the theft of sinker cypress logs and, if so, why would he go into such great detail with the other information in his report?

      Think about this: These attorneys and the DAs office represent he’s investigating, but yet he gets his information for the report from them!

      I want to guess. He’s going around Cameron Parish bragging his integrity. As I said, it’s not too late for him to come clean!

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