Broussard very relaxed ahead of Feb. 15 court date with “Mob Boss;” Sheriff Breaux’s office commits to, as advised by DA Duhe’, open investigation on alleged forgeries on “petition,” with focus on Dr. Gannon J. Watts’ “signature.”

Billy Broussard, on Friday, February 10, 2023, provides a succinct summation of his court hearing on Broussard v. LSP Trooper Scott Lopez and his son, Benjamin, which was held on Thursday, February 2, 2023 and also provides a preview of his upcoming court hearing entailing Broussard v. Mendy “Mob Boss” Girouard and Melissa Dubroc.

It wasn’t long ago that we presented this feature on Billy Broussard’s then-upcoming court hearing entailing Billy Broussard v. LSP Trooper Scott Lopez and his son, Benjamin.

In today’s feature, Broussard gives everyone a very brief recap of what transpired at that hearing and also gives a preview on the first courtroom hearing of February 15, 2023 in the matter of Billy Broussard v. Mendy “Mob Boss” Girouard and Melissa Dubroc.  Broussard, who seemed more relaxed and at-ease than for any interview we’ve conducted entailing him so far (and we’ve conducted plenty) covered everything both succinctly and with lazer focus.  Because we already discussed Broussard’s Motion to Compel Facebook posts made to “Mob Boss'” Facebook group, no focus was placed on that matter, which has been scheduled for hearing on March 9, 2023.

So, what we’re going to do is merely present Broussard’s video interview (which contains clips from videos of others to include “Mob Boss” and Blake Duborc, husband of Defendant Melissa Dubroc) along with support documents and photos Broussard references in the video.  Here’s that video interview:

2/10/23:  Broussard recaps court hearing on Broussard v. LSP Trooper Scott Lopez and son, Benjamin, and previews 2/15/23 court hearing for Broussard v. “Mob Boss” Girouard and Melissa Dubroc.  Note, the day after publication of this feature, Broussard received this Order from the Court substantiating everything that Broussard relays in the first two minutes of the above video. 

1.  10/19/22 Peremptory Exception of No Cause of Action.

2.  Video of “Mob Boss” presenting “petition,” which Broussard has asserted, among other irregularities, contains numerous forgeries (see video above) on March 2, 2022:

March 2, 2022 53-second presentation of a “petition”  by Mendy Girouard to the SMPG Council entailing Billy Broussard’s request for a zoning variance.

3.  Website for Dr. Gannon J. Watts’ counseling contact information.

As Broussard said in the video above, Dr. Watts has a ton of initials after his name!

It should also be pointed out that Broussard, on December 2, 2022, sent attorney Haik this email stating a definitive intent to depose Dr. Watts; however, as is evidenced in Haik’s response, Haik gave Broussard attitude and questioned him on why Assistant District Attorney Michael Caffery was copied on the email (for the record, Watts was also copied, as was Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns).

Perhaps this is the reason Caffery was copied on the email:

From: Michael Caffery <[email protected]>
Date: October 25, 2022 at 11:36:47 AM CDT
To: Billy Broussard <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Material Requested to Assist With Your Investigation of Potential Illegal Notary
Act(s) by Melissa Dubroc

Thank you for the email Me. Broussard. It definitely has been busy, but I’m determined to get a Motion filed on this before Thanksgiving. I apologize for the delay and feel free to contact me anytime.

Michael Caffery
Sent from my iPhone

4.  Zillow link to Dr. Watts’ home, with the Zillow estimated value of $730,000.

5.  Photos of Dr. Watts’ home from Zillow:

Dr. Gannon Watts home from the front.

Dr. Gannon Watts home from the rear.

Dr. Gannon Watts’ formal dining room at his home.

Dr. Gannon Watts’ kitchen at his home.

Dr. Gannon Watts’ living room at his home.

Bedroom for Dr. Gannon Watts’ home.

Broussard indicated that it would indeed be disheartening to learn that Dr. Watts personally signed the petition given what Broussard indicates have been extensive efforts on his (Broussard’s) property to develop his 33 acres to provide beautiful scenery for Dr. Watts vs. the overgrown, trash-filled (with hazardous materials like old tires) drug-infested property (complete with makeshift tents to house drug-addicted vagrants) which existed prior to Broussard’s acquisition of the property.

In fact, Broussard supplied current photos of his property as it abuts Dr. Watts’ property.  Here they are:

Now, we’ve provided the link for the so-called “petition” above.  Let’s focus in on the alleged signatories # 53 (there are two even though it’s counted as one — would a PhD do such and apparently have difficulty spelling his own first name? — not to mention that, for some odd reason, no last name is even provided).  Here are those alleged “signatures”:

Gee, no wonder Broussard wants to depose Dr. Watts and question him not only about the signature but also what all he may have been told that prompted (presumably) his name to be associated with the so-called “petition.”

We would note that Broussard received the personal assurance of District Attorney Duhe’ that he (Duhe’) would personally call Dr. Watts, who has a contractual relationship with Duhe’s office, and ask him if Watts did in fact sign the petition.

Additionally, Duhe’ provided the assurance that his office would submit a letter to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office indicating that Notary Melissa Dubroc is in need of remedial training regarding fundamental obligations of a Louisiana Notary given all of the glaring issues Broussard presented to Duhe’ regarding the so-called “petition.”  Broussard was also told that Duhe’s office would provide Broussard with a copy of that letter.  As of the time of this publication, Broussard indicated that he has not yet received his copy of that letter.

6.  February 9, 2023 complaint from Broussard to Sheriff Becket Breaux entailing allegations of forgeries on the so-called “petition.”  The complaint was filed based on the DIRECT guidance of District Attorney Bo Duhe.

The complaint speaks for itself, so we’re not going to highlight even a portion of its contents.  However, we will, at this time, supply the incident receipt Broussard obtained from Breaux’s office.  Here it is:

Now, as referenced on the video, Broussard’s Motion to Compel discovery of “Mob Boss'” Facebook Group posts is covered on the above link.  However, we do reproduce at this time a few of those Facebook posts which were included with that feature:

It ought to prove interesting to see just how far Dr. Watts, with all of those initials after his name, is willing to associate himself with “Mob Boss'” so-called “petition” given it would mean he’s directly associating his name with someone (Girouard) who would so brazenly state that Broussard, “has a criminal case pending against him” when there was no such criminal case whatsoever!

Further, it will be interesting to see if Dr. Watts, again with all of those initials after his name, wants to associate his name with someone so uninformed as to state that Broussard was “violating a TRO” which had been dissolved by operation of law (at Parish President Chester Cedars’ direct instruction) for approximately 120 days prior to the above post.

Perhaps Girouard has no idea what the acronym “TRO” even stands for, and it will be interesting to see what degree, if any, Dr. Watts wants his name associated with someone that deficient in intellect.

As is evidenced by the video at the top of this post, according to Broussard, Parish President Chester Cedars is now going to great lengths to disassociate himself with these fine folks, with Cedars, as stated by Broussard on the above video, even telling Broussard, “Contrary to what you may hear, I am not involved with them and don’t get involved in these types of neighborhood spats.”

We can certainly see why Cedars would state, “Contrary to what you may hear………” because, as is depicted on the video at the outset of this feature, these folks sure are throwing Cedars’ name about plenty enough indicating that Cedars told them to this, that, or the other.

Perhaps we’ll find out either from the Sheriff / DA investigation of the allegations of forgeries on that so-called “petition” and/or Broussard’s deposition of Dr. Watts as to whether he wishes to follow Cedars’ lead entailing distance between certain residents of that neighborhood or whether he in fact has their backs regarding his “signature” on that petition.

We’ll wrap this feature up with a couple of links for those who like to read legal filings.

7.  Broussard’s 10/28/22 Opposition Memorandum to Haik’s Peremptory Exception of No Cause of Action which he supplemented on 2/6/23.

8.  Broussard’s 2/6/23 Motion and Order to Reset Hearing on His Motion to Compel Facebook Posts.  Broussard has indicated that the hearing for his Motion to Compel is set for March 9, 2023.

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One thought on “Broussard very relaxed ahead of Feb. 15 court date with “Mob Boss;” Sheriff Breaux’s office commits to, as advised by DA Duhe’, open investigation on alleged forgeries on “petition,” with focus on Dr. Gannon J. Watts’ “signature.””

  1. Billy has always in the past 24 years since I’ve known him has aways been a law bidding citizen and a stand up guy in his community. To see and read all of this it’s hard to believe and understand how you can own property and be trespassed from your own property. This sounds like The Good ‘Ol Boy Network (GOBN) at its best and Mr. Broussard’s name had to be dragged through the mud before he was found not guilty!

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