Burns credits Geraldine Broussard-Baloney, David Hammer, and many others for roles in AG Caldwell’s defeat, critiques Caldwell’s embarrassing “concession speech,” and encourages retention of only one Assistant AG in bidding Caldwell a UNIQUE farewell!!


Outgoing Louisiana AG James D. “Buddy” Caldwell

Louisiana Attorney General-Elect Jeff Landry


Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns, who provided a compelling five-part series on why Louisiana Attorney General James D. “Buddy” Caldwell should not be re-elected (see links at bottom of page), pays tribute to Democratic candidate (and strong 3rd place finisher) Geraldine Broussard-Baloney, WWL investigative reporter David Hammer, and many others in critiquing Caldwell’s utterly embarrassing “concession speech,” for which the video is provided below.  Burns also recaps the “screwed up mess” that Caldwell is leaving behind for his successor, Jeff Landry, entailing the CNSI lawsuit and Bruce Greenstein criminal trial.  Burns also urges Attorney General-Elect Jeff Landry to consider retaining one specific Assistant Attorney General whom he assessed as being very knowledgeable of the subject matter over which she has been responsible under Caldwell’s administration.  Finally, Burns provides his own very unique “farewell” to Caldwell!


(Note:  Please excuse eye drop which lingered around left-upper lip).
Burns recaps Caldwell’s disastrous tenure, his embarrassing “concession speech,” assesses the “screwed up mess” he’s leaving for his successor, Jeff Landry, and encourages the retention of one specific Assistant Attorney General who has served under Caldwell for the duration of his tenure in office.”

Caldwell’s embarrassing “concession speech.”
(Courtesy of WAFB, Channel 9, in Baton Rouge).

Links for the 5-part Caldwell series:


  1. Foundation laid for CNSI debacle.
  2. Significant expansion of the CNSI debacle.
  3. CNSI attorneys (Lewis Unglesby and Michael McKay) presenting highly substantiated claims of witness tampering.
  4. Compelling evidence that Bruce Greenstein, former DHH Secretary under Gov. Bobby Jindal, has been used by Caldwell as a “chess pawn” for a desperate CNSI defense.
  5. Video evidence of Caldwell’s office recommending that the Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board (LALB) pursue outside legal counsel (whom he subsequently crammed down the LALB’s throat as being convicted felon and former State Senator Larry S. Bankston) to pursue the auction license of Louisiana’s ONLY African-American auctioneer, Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips, for his role in reporting suspected payroll fraud on the part of the LALB’s Executive Director (which was subsequently substantiated as payroll fraud by the Louisiana Inspector General’s Office).


Good bye, Mr. Caldwell, and good riddance to the most corrupt public official I’ve ever met in my life (and I’ve met quite a few!!!).



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