The Hayride provides behind-the-scenes account of the corruption, cronyism entailing latest LSP scandal: the unprecedented (and likely unethical) endorsement of John Bel Edwards for Governor.


Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns informs viewers of the latest scandal to plague Louisiana State Police:  a feature article by The Hayride entailing the corruption (and potential law violations) behind the Louisiana State Troopers Association’s unprecedented endorsement of Democrat John Bel Edwards for Governor.  Burns also provides a brief history of a website he created last year to serve as a central depository for one of the biggest scandals in LSP history entailing Col. Edmonson’s (and others) attempt to steal $55,000 a year and hand it to LSP Colonel Mike Edmonson.  Burns also provides links to Edmonson’s extensive past disciplinary file (violating payroll protocol, crashing police cars, driving “without taking into account your inability to function as required,” etc.) as well as the circumstances entailing him severing all ties with fellow blogger Tom Aswell:

CLICK HERE for Act XVIII of the ongoing
LSP scandal, complete with the latest participant
in the scandal:  John Bel Edwards.
Note:  The webpage link above has a direct link
to the fascinating Hayride article.
CLICK HERE for the “Earthmother”
article highlights.

LSP Edmonson disciplinary file links:

1.  Reprimand for crashing LSP vehicle and being at fault.

2.  10-Day Suspension for violating payroll protocol.

3.  Letter of reprimand for careless operation of vehicle.

4.  40-Hour Suspension for “not being aware of your condition” behind the wheel and crashing yet anothervehicle (with it being a total loss).

5.  16-Hour suspension for careless operation of vehicle.


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