Concerned over potential Covid-19 death, LUI officials file Federal and State litigation, hold “emergency press conference” seeking the immediate release of Pastor Errol Victor Sr. from St. Charles Parish Prison.

Belinda Parker-Brown, founder Louisiana United International (LUI)

Sound Off Louisiana subscribers will recall we published a feature on June 20, 2020 wherein a group of activists associated with VOTE (Voice of The Experienced) engaged in a peaceful protest at Angola State Prison calling for the release of inmates as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As is outlined on the preceding linked feature, soon after the demonstration, we met for a one-on-one interview with Ms. Belinda Parker-Brown, and she informed our subscribers of the status of one particular inmate:  Pastor Errol Victor, Sr.  Victor was convicted of murder in a 10-2 jury verdict about a decade ago.  The U. S. Supreme Court recently ruled that such convictions are null as a result of the fact that the jury’s decision was not unanimous.  Parker-Brown and her organization, United Louisiana International (LUI), fought for Victor’s release from Angola, and he ultimately was released from Angola with the intent of transfer to a Parish Prison (presumably to be re-charged with murder and retried).

Parker-Brown indicates that he was initially to be transferred to St. John the Baptist Parish Prison; however, she indicates they, “did not want him.”  Consequently, he was transferred to the St. Charles Parish Prison where members of her organization contend he has been intentionally placed in order to ensure that, “he dies of exposure to the Covid-19 virus.”

Parker-Brown indicates that Victor’s medical condition has now reached dire straits, and members of her organization are concerned that his death may be imminent.  Accordingly, yesterday (Tuesday, December 22, 2020), officials affiliated with her organization convened an “emergency press conference,” to direct as much attention as possible to Victor’s predicament.  The press conference was conducted over Zoom, and we at Sound Off Louisiana attended.  Here is a 22-minute highlight of that press conference:

22-Minute highlight video of an “emergency press conference” held by LUI on Tuesday, December 22, 2020 entailing the plight of St. Charles Parish Prison inmate Pastor Errol Victor, Sr.
CLICK HERE for the press conference in its entirety.
CLICK HERE for Parker-Brown’s Writ of Habeas Corpus filed in 29th JDC in Louisiana on behalf of Rev. Victor on December 17, 2020.
CLICK HERE for Victor’s Federal Complaint filed in the Eastern District of Louisiana’s Federal Court on December 21, 2020.
CLICK HERE for the Federal Court’s Notice of Deficiency pertaining to Victor’s complaint dated December 22, 2020.

Although it’s pretty difficult to make out what Pastor Victor is saying, anyone is welcome to click here to listen to a one-minute recorded conversation that Parker-Brown had with Pastor Victor on the morning of Wednesday, December 23, 2020.

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