Amid widening allegations of improprieties at LSP’s Air Support Unit, Trooper Satcher resigns ahead of trial for pending felony domestic abuse charges.

Former LSP Trooper and Air Support Pilot Michael Lynn Satcher, II.

Sound Off Louisiana subscribers will recall we published a feature focusing on Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s commitment to pursue felony charges against Michael Lynn Satcher, II for alleged domestic abuse pertaining to his October 12, 2019 arrest.  We followed that feature up with this feature focusing on the fact that, notwithstanding a plethora of evidence against Satcher, LSP and its subsequently-disgraced former Colonel, Kevin Reeves, didn’t even initiate an administrative investigation of Satcher until after our original feature was published on November 4, 2020.

In that second feature, we pointed out the fact that Satcher, on October 12, 2019, warned his dating partner, Cynthia Chapman, that he would “call the police” on her.  Satcher allegedly expressed frustration with Chapman entailing his contention that she had in her possession a key to his truck and a couple of other minor items (one of which we think was a T-shirt).  Chapman emphatically denied being in possession of any of Satcher’s belongings.  Satcher then stressed, “I’m not going to lose my job over this!”

The ultimate irony of Satcher’s statements in the preceding paragraph is that the police were in fact called, but they were called to respond to him allegedly entering Chapman’s house without permission and then engaging in domestic abuse upon Chapman.

On Tuesday, December 22, 2020, we were notified that Satcher resigned his job as an LSP Trooper effective December 18, 2020 (hence, the irony of him saying he “would not lose my job over this,”).  We sought confirmation of that fact from LSP officials, and here’s what we got.  From the preceding document:

From: Chavez Cammon
To: [email protected]
Cc: Faye Morrison; Nick Manale
Subject: RE: Seeking Confirmation of the Resignation of Michael Satcher, II from LSP
Date: Wednesday, December 23, 2020 10:23:45 AM

Mr. Burns,
Yes, Trooper Satcher resigned on December 18.

Capt. Chavez Cammon
Louisiana State Police
Public Affairs / Recruiting Sections

From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2020 7:23 PM
To: Nick Manale <[email protected]>
Cc: Faye Morrison <[email protected]>; Chavez Cammon <[email protected]>
Subject: Seeking Confirmation of the Resignation of Michael Satcher, II from LSP

Col. Manale:
Moments ago I received notification that LSP Trooper Michael Lynn Satcher, II has resigned from Louisiana State Police. Can you confirm that report for me? Thanks.

Robert Edwin Burns, founder and author

We were also provided with amended copies of the Bills of Information pertaining to Satcher which do in fact reflect the fact that Jeff Landry’s Office is pursuing felony charges against Satcher.  The amended Bills of Information also provide more insight into the nature of Satcher’s alleged conduct once he allegedly entered Chapman’s home.  Here are the two revised Bills of Information:

In the following video, Sound Off Louisiana’s founder, Robert Burns, takes a few minutes to address the Satcher resignation and the widening probe being conducted into LSP’s Air Support Unit’s operations:

Burns elaborates upon the Satcher resignation and expands upon Sound Off Louisiana‘s widening probe of allegations of improprieties and recklessness at LSP’s Air Support Unit.  The feature at which Mark Morrison stated that, in order to be hired as a pilot at LSP’s Air Support Unit, one must “first and foremost, be an LSP Trooper,” is available by clicking here.

Satcher’s next scheduled court hearing is February 25, 2021.  We’ll certianly continue to follow this case closely and keep our subscribers informed of its ultimate disposition.

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